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Does Donna take private cooking classes and is she available to speak at events?

Due to Donna’s hectic schedule, she is unable to take private cooking classes and can make only very few public appearances. If you would like to contact the donna hay team in regard to a professional event, please do so by contacting us at enquiries@donnahay.com.au

What is the donna hay club, and how do I join?

The donna hay club is our online community on donnahay.com. Once you’ve registered you can save all your favourite recipes and products, create recipe collections and update your profile so you’ll receive our regular emails, featuring all the latest news, exclusive offers and competitions.
Join here: donnahay.com.au/membership/register


The latest digital issue isn’t downloading, can you help me?

There are few things you can do to to make sure your current issue downloads.
- If you’ve subscribed via MagsOnline, try signing out and back in again (top left of store screen).

- If you’ve subscribed via iTunes - tap “restore purchases’ in the blue centre bar of the store screen.

- Check to see that your subscription is still valid – you may need to resubscribe! To check this on your iPad, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap on your Apple ID. Inside your account details tap on Manage under Subscriptions. There you can confirm your subscription. If the subscription is there and active you may need to delete the app and re-install it.

- Try turning your wifi on and off again, and always give the iPad a restart as well.

- Your In-App Purchases switch in your iPad setting might be set to ‘off’ under Allowed Content. Go to your iPad ‘Settings’, then choose ‘General’, then ‘Restrictions’, and switch In-App Purchases on.

- Check that you’re not already downloading another issue. Only one issue can be downloaded at a time.

How do I access the magazine on a laptop or desktop?

Aside from our iPad and Android editions, you can also find donna hay magazine on Zinio, which allows the magazine to be viewed on a computer screen.
Download it here: bit.ly/dhzinio
Or download Fresh + Light on Zinio here: bit.ly/dhflzinio

Are there any iPad versions of Donna’s books?

Fresh and Light is available to purchase on iTunes for iPad.
Download here: apple.co/1pGKP02


Is there a list of substitutions?

At donna hay magazine we only test recipes as they appear in the magazine. As such, we are not comfortable suggesting substitutions as we have not tested the recipes with any other variations and cannot guarantee a perfect result.

Does Donna have any gluten-free recipes?

Many of the recipes in donna hay magazine and Fresh + Light magazine are suitable for people with gluten-intolerances, search our gluten-free tag on donnahay.com to see our current recipes.

When Donna’s recipes call for butter, what type of butter is required?

All donna hay recipes use unsalted butter, unless otherwise specified.

Do you still print the recipe index?

Unfortunately the cumulative recipe index is no longer in print, however each issue has its own recipe index and you can find an electronic version of the most up-to-date recipe index here. Although you have the option to print this index, we do ask that you consider the environment before doing so, as it is a very large document.

Can I ask the donna hay magazine test kitchen my cooking questions?

The best way to have your question about any of our recipes answered is to contact us on Facebook or send an email to enquiries@donnahay.com.au

As our test kitchen is busy cooking and shooting everyday, they are unable to answer phone calls. We will endeavor to reply to your question within a few days. Please include the recipe name and issue number for the recipe in your email.

Unfortunately, we only have the resources to answer troubleshooting questions for Donna Hay recipes, not any other recipe.

Are the oven temperatures given in Donna’s recipes for fan-forced ovens?

All recipes tested for donna hay magazine, Donna’s books and Donna’s newspaper columns are done so using fan-forced ovens. If your oven is not fan-forced, you may need to increase the temperature slightly as fan-forced ovens tend to get hotter, faster.


I need to update my subscription details, who do I contact?

To update your details, it’s best to contact our subscriptions team: call 1300 656 933 from within Australia; 0508 366 624 from New Zealand; and +61 2 9282 8023 internationally. Or email subs@magsonline.com.au

My subscription hasn’t arrived, who can I talk to?

Please call our subscriptions team on 1300 656 933 from within Australia; 0508 366 624 from New Zealand; and +61 2 9282 8023 internationally. Or email subs@magsonline.com.au


Is there a DVD of Donna’s television series fast, fresh, simple?

Yes, you can buy the fast, fresh simple on our online store here.

How do I find the recipes from the television series, fast, fresh, simple?

All the recipes from Donna’s television show, fast, fresh, simple., are in her best-selling book of the same name, available from all good bookstores and donnahay.com.

Is Donna going to make a second television series?

Yes! Donna’s brand new series, Basics to Brilliance, is aired on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Food channel in June 2016. Watch some of the recipes here.

the donna hay general store

Is there an online store?

There certainly is, click here to begin shopping.

Is Donna opening another store?

There are no plans for Donna to open another store, but we are continually expanding our online store, where you can buy all Donna’s beautiful products. Visit donnahay.com to start shopping.

I live overseas, why can’t I buy Donna’s food range online?

We aim for everyone to experience our products in the best way possible and, as we cannot guarantee the condition in which our perishables will arrive to our international customers after a long journey, we prefer not to send them.

I have a question about my order, who do I contact?

If you’d like to enquire about your order, please contact our warehouse directly by calling +61 2 9525 6483 or email: enquiries@donnahaygeneralstore.com.au

Does the online store ship internationally?

Yes, the online store ships most products (excluding food items) internationally. Please click here to view our shipping information.

the magazine

I’ve lost an issue and it’s now sold out, how can I find my favourite recipe?

First, search the 1000+ recipes on donnahay.com to see if you can find the recipe. If it’s there, be sure to join our online donna hay club, so you can save the recipe to your favourites.
If you still can’t find a recipe, you can contact us on Facebook or email us with the issue number and recipe name to request the recipe be sent to you.

Where can I buy the magazine overseas?

While we don’t have a full list of international stockists for the magazine, you can find it stocked at most large newsagencies and bookstores. Do keep in mind that it can take up to three months for the current Australian issue to go on sale in some countries. However, international subscriptions for the print magazine are available and we also sell individual issues online at donnahay.com - shipping internationally. To make sure you receive our magazine as soon as it’s released, it’s best to subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine. Either on iPad or Android, or on Zinio.

Do you offer internships or work experience at donna hay magazine?

At the moment we have opportunities for work experience on an ad hoc basis, please email enquiries@donnahay.com.au with your resume, cover letter and dates of availability and we will let you know if we have a spare opening.

How can I access back issues?

Many of our issues tend to sell out quickly, but you can click here to go to our back issues section on donnahay.com to see if the issue you’re looking for can still be purchased. If not, you can often find back issues on eBay.

I’m a photographer/food stylist, can I submit my work to the magazine for consideration?

At donna hay magazine we have a core team of photographers, food stylists, lifestyle stylists and recipe testers, as well as regular contributors both in Australia and abroad. However, if you would like to submit your professional work for consideration, please contact us at enquiries@donnahay.com.au

Are there any jobs available at donna hay magazine?

There are currently no positions available at the magazine.




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