Cooking With…Miso

  • Possibly our ultimate secret ingredient! Miso adds depth of flavour and an extra dimension to everything from snacks, sweets, vegies and roasts. Click on the photos for full recipes

  • Want to learn about the variety of miso paste that you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Miso scrambled eggs

    Dress up your morning eggs with a hint of white miso paste, et voila you've got a brand new breakfast to look forward to.

  • Ginger and miso glazed eggplants

    The iconic duo of miso and eggplant make up one of the most succulent dishes in Japanese cuisine. Try it for yourself!

  • Charred miso chicken with sweet potato noodle salad

    Add some fast flavour to lunch with a simple coconut miso dressing on your chicken salad. Add a dash of zesty lime and a touch of honey - winning!

  • Black sesame roasted pork with miso caramel

    Try this succulent roasted pork dressed in miso caramel. Prep ahead, let the oven do most of the work, then sit back and enjoy the compliments!

  • Ginger and miso marinated flank steak with charred broccolini

    Miso doubles up as a perfect marinade for this flank steak before it teams up with nutty tahini to make a creamy dressing. Twice the flavour!

  • Sticky miso and sesame-roasted chicken

    Cue a show-stopping chicken coated in the most glorious sticky miso glaze resting on a bed of vibrant greens.

  • Sweet and spiced miso almond popcorn

    Miso makes the perfect addition to this sweet and spiced almond popcorn - warning: it's a little addictive.

  • Miso maple ice-cream with sesame coconut crunch

    A delectable combo of flavours, miso and maple syrup deliver the perfect salty sweet combo in this dairy-free coconut ice-cream.

This fermented blend of salt, soybeans and rice or barley has been revered in Asian cuisine for centuries and now lends its unique savoury character – known as umami – to countless everyday dishes. 


Also called sweet miso or shiro miso, white miso has a delicate flavour and is lighter in colour as it hasn’t been fermented for as long as the darker varieties. It’s perfect stirred into light sauces, delicate risottos and creamy mayonnaise. 

Otherwise referred to as shinshu miso, yellow miso can range in colour from light yellow to light brown. It is still mild in flavour and is great to use in marinades, glazes, mayonnaises and butters.

Also called aka miso, red miso has been fermented for longer so it has a stronger salty flavour. It’s best to use in more robust meals, such as rich soups, stews and meat dishes.




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