03 June 2016

fresh + light: top 10 better breakfasts

  • Fresh + Light: Top 10 Better Breakfasts

    Start your mornings just right with our top 10 better breakfasts to fuel your day! From on-the-go smoothies and veg-packed fritters to crunchy granola or a twist on avo on toast, these recipes from Fresh + Light are perfect for any day of the week.

  • smashed avocado toast with soft boiled egg

    Creamy smashed avocado with chia seeds and a squeeze of lime is topped with a runny egg to keep you energised for the day ahead.

  • power breakfast smoothie

    Try my power smoothie for breakfast on the go - it's loaded with almonds, silver beet and sweet mangoes.

  • cacao and puffed quinoa granola

    Chocolate doesn't always mean unhealthy. For a sweet breakfast option our cacao and puffed quinoa granola is packed with crunchy hazelnuts, slivered pistachios and omega-3 rich chia seeds.

  • zucchini and brussels sprout fritters

    Loaded with zucchini, brussels sprouts and basil these good-for-you green fritters are gluten-free and topped with goat's cheese and zesty lemon.

  • quinoa bircher muesli pistachios blueberries

    I love making this the night before for a super simple breakfast the next morning. Cinnamon and honey are the perfect pair with chewy raisins and protein-packed quinoa.

  • cauliflower and rainbow chard frittata with lemon and goat's curd

    With the goodness of cauliflower and leafy veg, this frittata recipe is ideal served hot from the oven. Even better it can double as lunch or dinner the next day!

  • cacao and hazelnut spread

    Packed with good fats and protein, this cacao and hazelnut spread is best served on fruit loaf or slathered on pancakes.

  • apple bircher popsicles

    Frozen almond milk and sweet apple slices make this breakfast ideal to grab-and-go on warmer mornings.

  • ricotta and banana toasts with cinnamon tahini

    Sweet and simple, these ricotta and banana toasts drizzled with spiced cinnamon tahini is an ideal lazy Sunday brunch.

  • cinnamon-spiced granola shards

    Full of energy-boosting puffed rice and ground sunflower seeds and almonds, our sweet and spiced granola shards will be a breakfast favourite. Find this recipe, and plenty more healthy breakfast ideas in issue #4 of Fresh + Light.




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