monocle magazine

Food stylist and author Donna Hay seeks joy and adventure in an enticing ‘last meal’ to savour.

april 2015

living argentina

The Living Argentina team visited Australia to complete a special dossier on people who inspire in this part of the world. Donna was privileged to be selected as one of the participants for the special feature and enjoyed sharing her love of Australia.

december 2013

foxtel magazine

Standing at the pristine white kitchen bench, saucepans bubbling away while delicious scents fill the air and tantalise tastebuds, Donna Hay is the picture of professionalism. We’re at Palm Beach in Sydney, on the set of of her new special A Donna Hay Christmas.

december 2013

vogue australia

Donna Hay is naked. Not literally; she is, in fact, dressed in designer pieces from head to toe. But in her estimation she is indeed naked; there is not a whisk nor saucepan in sight and she is feeling rather exposed without them.

august 2011

nespresso magazine

Sydney seems to have become the summer residence of world ‘art de vivre’, and this is in no small part due to the influence of the former food stylist turned queen of lifestyle magazines. Meet the icon and the city-sanctuary that have been integral to…

june 2011

wish magazine

Top-selling cookbook author Donna Hay is full of fresh ideas, among them a new dinnerware range and a world-first packet mix

may 2011

foxtel magazine

After years of producing best-selling cookbooks, Donna Hay finally has a television show to call her own. Donna Hay – fast, fresh, simple. is a 13-episode series premiering on The LifeStyle Channel this month.

march 2011

sunday magazine

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen in modern Australia that hasn’t turned out a Donna Hay recipe. Whether you own one of her cookbooks, collect her beautiful magazines or simply tear out her weekly sunday magazine column, ‘doing a Donna’ has now entered our culinary lexicon.

february 2011

donna on oprah

If you missed the show, here’s a little taste from the party that put Sydney, and Australia, in the spotlight…

december 2010

grazia magazine

It’s like working in a kindergarten. They scare the bejesus out of the contestants with their cutting comments and “go faster!” shouting, but according to food guru Donna Hay, the MasterChef judges are more like silly schoolboys than feared teachers.

may 2010

mcgrath magazine

Most of us know Donna Hay as a cookbook author who revolutionised easy home cooking but for a woman with simple tastes, she has so much more on her plate.

may 2010

mindfood magazine

Donna Hay has been cooking since she was a little girl. Her love of food led her to a career as a food writer at 19, and then on to become a food editor at marie claire

at 25. She is now one of Australia’s leading food editors and best selling cookbook author.

february 2010

vogue australia

Donna Hay is moving polka dot cupcake
patties from one shelf to another when
I enter her new General Store, and I must
admit I am momentarily taken aback. What
with her award-winning self-titled magazine,
her numerous cookbooks.

july 2009

inside out

Donna Hay has a new homewares store opening soon. Sourcing from around the world, she will bring back the best of what she finds and style it beautifully.

march 2009

mortgage business

Since hitting Australian shelves in 2002, Donna
Hay’s bi-monthly cooking magazines have
taken pride of place in many a household, with
each issue now attracting more than 370,000
Australian readers.

march 2009


The Donna Hay shop
opens next February in Sydney’s glamorous Woollahra, in a
restored stone building that first became a general store in 1886.
It will be stocked with quirky, handmade treasures collected on
overseas book tours.

november 2008


Donna Hay advises every harassed cooks to go-easy after the Christmas dinner, lighter on the stomach and more likely to leave everyone with a sweet memory. “My version of a bread and butter pudding has a festive spin but it’s easier to cook than

november 2008

ad news

Arguably Australia’s best-known food writer and stylist, you’ll find Donna Hay in magazines, cookbooks, homewares and online. She is about to launch her own Donna Hay general store in Sydney

october 2008

business review weekly

Donna Hay was demonstrating a recipe to a crowd of about 300 people on the shop floor. Determined not to miss a moment, one woman – arms laden with shopping – turned to McInnes and asked if he worked there.

june 2008

sunday magazine

Special made simple - Donna Hay Magazine

june 2008

sainsbury’s magazine

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year, mainly because it’s so rich in traditions with wonderful things such as coloured eggs, hot cross buns and heaps of chocolate. I love sharing these with my family, especially when they’re homemade.

april 2008

living etc.

Our food guru Donna Hay shows how to finish New year’s dinner with sparkling desserts to end the evening with a bang.

january 2008