02 October 2019

how to: pineapple and chipotle pulled pork sliders

​Moreish brioche slider buns filled with pineapple and chipotle pulled pork are your new go-to come weekend entertaining! Absolutely delicious. Click the steps for full recipe!

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19 August 2019

how to: potato gnocchi

These fluffy little morsels can seem daunting at first but this easy, step-by-step guide will make you a pro in no time!

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09 August 2019

Cooking With…Miso

  • Possibly our ultimate secret ingredient! Miso adds depth of flavour and an extra dimension to everything from snacks, sweets, vegies and roasts. Click on the photos for full recipes

  • Want to learn about the variety of miso paste that you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Miso scrambled eggs

    Dress up your morning eggs with a hint of white miso paste, et voila you've got a brand new breakfast to look forward to.

  • Ginger and miso glazed eggplants

    The iconic duo of miso and eggplant make up one of the most succulent dishes in Japanese cuisine. Try it for yourself!

  • Charred miso chicken with sweet potato noodle salad

    Add some fast flavour to lunch with a simple coconut miso dressing on your chicken salad. Add a dash of zesty lime and a touch of honey - winning!

  • Black sesame roasted pork with miso caramel

    Try this succulent roasted pork dressed in miso caramel. Prep ahead, let the oven do most of the work, then sit back and enjoy the compliments!

  • Ginger and miso marinated flank steak with charred broccolini

    Miso doubles up as a perfect marinade for this flank steak before it teams up with nutty tahini to make a creamy dressing. Twice the flavour!

  • Sticky miso and sesame-roasted chicken

    Cue a show-stopping chicken coated in the most glorious sticky miso glaze resting on a bed of vibrant greens.

  • Sweet and spiced miso almond popcorn

    Miso makes the perfect addition to this sweet and spiced almond popcorn - warning: it's a little addictive.

  • Miso maple ice-cream with sesame coconut crunch

    A delectable combo of flavours, miso and maple syrup deliver the perfect salty sweet combo in this dairy-free coconut ice-cream.

This fermented blend of salt, soybeans and rice or barley has been revered in Asian cuisine for centuries and now lends its unique savoury character – known as umami – to countless everyday dishes. 

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22 July 2019

how to: self-saucing caramel pudding

Self-saucing puddings are surely one of winter’s great treats! So prepare to get cosy with this decadent self-saucing caramel pudding. Follow the steps to make your own and then sit back and soak up the compliments - it’s that good! 

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10 July 2019

Best Ever: Speedy Soups


    Here's a round-up of our favourite nourishing bowls of soupy goodness that are quick and super delicious!

  • Pancetta and ravioli soup

    Can't decide between soup or pasta? Pop some four-cheese ravioli and crispy pancetta into this quick and easy soup. Winning!

  • Spinach chicken and risoni egg drop soup

    Up the ante on your chicken soup game this winter with this fast but super-tasty spinach, chicken and risoni version.

  • Tomato crispy chorizo gnocchi and oregano soup

    Delicious pillows of gnocchi swimming in a decadent tomato soup with pieces of crispy chorizo, need we say more?

  • Creamy potato and sauerkraut soup with hot smoked salmon

    A filling bowl full of the good stuff; potato, sauerkraut and smoked salmon - food for the soul.

  • Thai red chicken curry noodle soup

    Indulge in something that makes you feel good from the inside - like a warming bowl of this Thai chicken curry soup.

  • Onion sage and gruyere soup

    A speedy rendition of a classic, this simple onion soup will make you feel all nostalgic.

  • Spicy lentil meatball soup

    A nutrient-dense concoction of spicy lentils and meatballs, this soup packs a flavour punch.

 A steaming bowl of homemade soup is one of winters great pick-me-ups. Simple to make and nutrient dense, they’ll warm you from the inside, out!

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04 July 2019

For the love of chocolate

If chocolate is always top of your dream dessert list… we’ve got four of our all-time favourite chocolate desserts to add to your repertoire! 

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26 June 2019

cooking with…kimchi

  • Cooking with kimchi

    Try adding this Korean fermented staple to your next meal, from a classic cheese toasty, to delicious tortillas and stir-fries, everyday mains become showstoppers! Click on the image for the recipe.

  • Quick kimchi

    A great place to start. This quick kimchi recipe is easy and simple - the perfect reason to always have it on hand.

  • Broccolini basil and kimchi pancakes

    A stack of savoury pancakes makes an ideal speedy lunch or dinner. Kimchi adds fast flavour!

  • Kimchi waffles

    Anyone for waffles? The probiotic goodness of these kimchi waffles is all the excuses we could ever need!

  • Cheese and Kimchi toasties

    Yes, cheese toasties are awesome. But the addition of kimchi takes your Sunday night favourite to a whole new level!

  • Slow-cooked kimchi brisket tortillas with kimchi cucumber

    The crunchy and spicy Korean staple gets a Mexican makeover with these moreish tortillas - addictive!

  • Kimchi bacon and pea fried rice

    Everyone needs a go-to fried rice recipe and this one will not disappoint. Cue peas, bacon and of course - your favourite kimchi.

  • Kimchi prawn and kale stir-fry

    Kimchi delivers a kick of flavour and a splash of colour to this speedy prawn and kale stir-fry.

  • Ginger Salmon with Zucchini Soba Noodles and Kimchi

    Kimchi adds a pop of flavour to this versatile salmon and soba noodles recipe.

  • Pork and kimchi dumplings

    Oh so tasty! Once you taste how good these kimchi infused dumplings are it will be too late... addicted!

​Whether you’re a longstanding fan or new to the love of kimchi, this Korean side-dish of salted and fermented cabbage is a great way to spice up everyday meals. 

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07 June 2019

Our favourite: soups

  • our favourite soups

    It's soup season and these extra-flavourful bowls are both delicious and comforting. From nourishing green goodness to delicious creamy chicken and corn chowder - we've got you covered.

  • Herby lemon and quinoa chicken soup

    Nothing beats a comforting chicken soup... Except a comforting chicken soup that is delicious and packed with good-for-you ingredients!

  • Chickpea and broccoli soup with pecorino croutons

    Consider this chickpea and broccoli soup your new best friend - it delivers a huge dose of green goodness with the bonus of extra crunch thanks to tasty pecorino croutons.

  • Ham lentil and kale soup

    If you think soup can't be moreish, this recipe will make you reconsider. A ham, lentil and kale soup that's as cosy as your favourite sweater.

  • Roasted mushroom and brown butter soup

    We can't get enough of this rich and decadent soup - the perfect contender for cosy nights in. Simply delicious!

  • Creamy chicken and corn chowder

    The ultimate crowd-pleaser, this creamy chicken and corn chowder is food for the soul on a rainy day - consider it your new favourite.

  • Turkey meatball minestrone

    The base is a classic Italian-inspired vegetable soup but there's a twist! Hidden below are perfectly tender, turkey meatballs!

  • Potato vegetable and pappardelle soup

    Where pappardelle is involved, you can expect a dish that satisfies. This potato vegetable soup does just that, yet remains light and fresh.

  • Sweet potato curry soup with coriander oil

    Everyone needs a sweet potato soup in their repertoire and this sweet potato curry soup is perfect for nights where you need a vibrant pick-me-up.

17 May 2019

cooking with…eggs

  • Cooking with eggs savoury

    There are very few dishes the humble egg can't conquer. Click through the gallery to see some of our favourites and tap the image to see the recipe.

  • Asparagus and ricotta souffle omelette

    This asparagus and ricotta souffle omelette is the stuff of dreams. Both creamy and fluffy, the eggs partner perfectly with fresh asparagus and a generous sprinkling of parmesan.

  • Crispy prosciutto wrapped asparagus with poached eggs and avo smash

    A mouth-watering combination of crispy prosciutto wrapped asparagus topped with poached egg and avocado smash - a taste sensation!

  • Cheats croque madame pizza

    Thanks to the killer combo of gruyere, cheddar, pancetta and eggs this cheats croque madame pizza is the perfect 'breakfast for dinner'.

  • Creamy quinoa and kale bowl with haloumi and soft boiled egg

    A creamy quinoa and kale bowl with haloumi and a soft boiled egg. Finished with a creamy tahini dressing.

  • Fried eggs with corn fritters and chilli sauce

    Take your brunch offering up a notch with these corn fritters with sriracha, sesame oil, mirin, chilli, garlic and fried eschallots.

  • Power greens and ricotta baked eggs

    Loaded with power greens these ricotta baked eggs are totally nourishing, quick and ridiculously delicious!

  • Smashed egg gravlax pickled onion ryebread

    The classic pairing of eggs and smoked salmon comes bursting into 21st Century with the addition of pickled onion and rye bread.

  • Thai lemongrass and chicken salad with egg net

    If you need to impress, this Thai-inspired lemongrass and chicken salad is topped with a surprisingly simple egg net.

  • Creamy pasta with prosciutto and basil

    This comforting bowl of creamy pasta with prosciutto topped with an oozing poached egg to coat each pappardelle strand!

​Baked and loaded up with power greens, perfectly poached or dreamy, creamy scrambled… Breakfast, lunch or dinner – eggs are at the heart of many of our favourite simple meals.

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13 May 2019

donna hay - unzipped!

During the design process of my new kitchen I tried to consider elements that had wide and long-lasting impact on our health, productivity and the environment. One of the first things on my wish list was the super-stylish Zip HydroTap. This little genius with its classic style and streamlined shape fits seamlessly with the clean lines of my test kitchen and delivers boiling, chilled and lightly carbonated water in an instant!

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30 April 2019

how to: chicken and coconut rice paper rolls

​Infinitely customizable and so easy to make, we call on these chicken and coconut rice paper rolls for days where we want to eat something fresh and light but still abundant in texture and flavour. Follow the steps to make your own! 

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17 April 2019

Cooking sweets with…eggs

  • Cooking sweets with eggs

    Some of the best desserts begin with the humble egg. Beaten into a soft meringue or folded gently to create fluffy souffle - this incognito hero is the star of the show. Click through for some sweet inspiration.

  • Swiss roll with marscarpone and praline

    Mascarpone and praline add serious oomph to this beautiful swiss roll. So fluffy and light, it makes the perfect treat with a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Classic lemon cheesecake

    A superb lemon rendition on the classic cheesecake - creamy, sweet, fresh and tart all in one slice!

  • Coffee creme caramels

    If you're torn between coffee or dessert, treat yourself to one of these delicate, coffee creme caramels.

  • Simple passionfruit souffles

    Soft, fluffy and totally divine, these simple passionfruit souffles will become part of your quick-fix dessert repertoire in no time!

  • Basic pavlova

    Get creative with these individual pavlovas - top with fresh fruit, edible flowers, perfectly whipped cream or mascarpone. Too good!

  • Ricotta pancakes with maple butter

    This heavenly recipe for ricotta pancakes with maple butter are a surefire way to get the family up in the morning!

  • Individual lemon meringue cheesecakes

    Zesty and sweet, these individual lemon meringue cheesecakes are too good to share!

  • Blueberry and raspberry bread and butter pudding

    Nothing says comfort like a bread and butter pudding but this blueberry and raspberry version takes it to a whole new level.

  • Vanilla custard slice

    This pretty vanilla custard slice is wonderfully creamy yet idyllically light - a dose of nostalgia guaranteed!

17 April 2019

Our favourite: Sunday roasts

  • our favourite Sunday roasts

    There are few things as universally comforting as the magical Sunday roast! From a simple but succulent chicken to a statement standing rib here are some of our favourites.

  • Lemon thyme roasted chicken

    Nostalgia at its best, this succulent lemon thyme roasted chicken is the essence of home-cooking. This is one of those forever recipes we’ll never get enough of.

  • Mushroom lentil and vincotto standing rib roast

    Make a statement with this impressive standing rib roast. Brought to life with a variety of mushrooms, chicken stock, vincotto, garlic, eschallots and lentils.

  • Caramelised onion and olive roasted lamb

    A dreamy Mediterranean adaptation of lamb roasted in a generous lathering of caramelised onion relish, olives, anchovy fillets and rosemary – so divine!

  • Roast spicy chicken with beetroot lentils and herbed yoghurt

    Give your classic roast chicken a middle eastern twist with the addition of warming spices like fennel, chilli and paprika. Serve with beetroot, lentils and zingy herbed yoghurt.

  • Crispy porchetta with almond roasted parsnips

    This garlic-y, fennel-y, crispy porchetta is your weekend cooking project sorted. Roast it on a bed of almond milk drenched parsnips and you’ve got heaven on a roasting tray.

  • Mustard roast beef

    A quality cut of boneless beef rib eye takes centre stage in this recipe. Dressed with a classic combination of mustard seeds, thyme, olive oil and salt and pepper.

  • Blue-cheese stuffed pork and bacon roast with sweet parsnip chips

    The perfect pairing of creamy blue cheese and streaky bacon transforms a simple pork fillet seriously delicious! And don't miss the clever, crispy parsnip chips on the side.

  • Red wine and caramelised onion slow-roasted lamb shoulder

    Time on your side? This one's worth the wait. Red wine, cherry tomatoes, onion relish and olive oil lend depth and a rich flavour to this slow-roasted lamb shoulder.

  • Quick-butterflied roast chicken

    It's simple, it's quick and it's all in one pan. This butterflied chicken rests on sliced lemons, gently infusing the meat as it cooks. Perfect for a quick Sunday roast, or a mid-week staple.

03 April 2019

how to: brined roast chicken

There are few things as comforting as a succulent roast chicken, but brining can take it to a whole new level. Follow our simple step-by-step so you can serve up a perfectly juicy and tender chicken yourself. Click the steps to reveal the full recipe!

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28 March 2019

cooking with…almonds

  • Cooking with almonds

    The golden kernel with a glowing reputation, almonds will add crunch, warmth and depth of flavour to a whole host of dishes – here’s some of our favourites.

  • Asian greens stir-fry with almond and sesame crunch

    You had us at almond and sesame crunch. This asian greens stir-fry is good reason to keep it vegetarian for a weeknight dinner.

  • Spiced almond hummus

    It's hard to resist hummus and this delicious spiced almond version is no exception. Spread leftovers on wraps or burgers or drizzle over grilled skewers.

  • Almond satay tempeh skewers

    There's so much to love about these almond, satay and tempeh skewers served with green beans and fluffy brown rice. Simple and delicious!

  • Almond and fennel swedish meatball pasta

    For a fresh take on meatball pasta, look to almonds and fennel for a flavoursome combination that's weeknight dinner-friendly.

  • Veal quince paste and smoked almond sausage rolls

    The fusion of sourdough breadcrumbs with quince, pork and veal mince, and natural smoked almonds takes this sausage roll recipe to new heights.

  • Silverbeet fennel and almond soup

    Perfect for cooler nights, this silverbeet, fennel and almond soup is wonderfully green and full of wholesome goodness.

  • Roasted cauliflower and fennel salad with preserved lemon and almond dressing

    Almonds add some serious crunch to this versatile roasted cauliflower and fennel salad with preserved lemon and almond dressing.

  • Grilled broccolini and labne almond tart

    Adding rich flavour and a crumbly texture, fresh ground almonds make a flavoursome gluten-free tart crust that you don't need to knead. Perfect!

As an addictive spiced butter, a perfectly crumbly tart base or a creamy pasta sauce, the almond is a little ingredient with big impact. Click through our gallery for inspiration. 

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07 March 2019

cooking with…avocado

  • Cooking with...avocado

    Our favourite creamy green fruit adds creaminess, flavour and healthy fats to almost any dish. Scroll through our selection of favourite recipes for inspiration.

  • Avocado and labne toast with basil oil

    A go-to favourite that always hits the spot, this avocado and labne toast with the addition of green beans, chilli flakes, lemon juice and basil oil is a totally delicious quick-fix.

  • Chicken and zucchini noodle salad with creamy avocado pesto

    A healthier rendition to pasta, this chicken and zucchini noodle salad gets it's glorious texture from the creamy avocado - a fool-proof weeknight meal.

  • Chilli chicken skewers with noodles and avocado salad

    A delicious ode to the flavours of Thailand, this chilli chicken skewers with noodles and avocado salad is ingredient-rich but so simple to make.

  • Dukkah-roasted cauliflower salad with creamy avocado dressing

    Velvety avocado adds healthy fats to this hearty dukkah-roasted cauliflower salad adorned with roasted chickpeas, greek-style yoghurt, pink radishes, dill and lemon juice. A perfect combination of flavour.

  • Edamame and avocado hummus

    A green loving take on hummus that combines edamame and avocado with green chilli, garlic and a squeeze of lemon - totally addictive!

  • Japanese seaweed salad with creamy avocado ginger dressing

    The buttery texture of avocado adds subtlety to this beautiful japanese-inspired salad made up of seaweed, soy sauce, ginger, daikon and sesame seeds. Oh, and it's also insanely delicious.

  • Raw tuna and avocado tortilla

    A weeknight saviour, these refreshing tortillas of raw tuna and avocado with a slathering of baba ghanoush, and the sprinkle of parsley and mint are so delectable!

  • Smashed avocado toast with soft-boiled egg

    Keep it simple with a classic smashed avocado toast with a soft-boiled egg cooked to perfection and adorned with refreshing sprigs of mint, need we say more?

From classically smashed avocado on toast, a green reinvention on hummus, to Japanese seaweed salad, the crowned avocado adds heavenly oomph to a dish. 

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20 February 2019

Cooking with…salmon

  • cooking with salmon

    Omega-rich salmon with its subtle and refreshing taste is the perfect canvas for creative and versatile flavours. Scroll through this collection of our favourite recipes.

  • Crispy salmon with creamy israeli cous cous

    The fusion of crispy salmon with creamy Israeli cous cous make this easy weeknight favourite seriously delicious and comforting.

  • Thai coconut soup with salmon and en choy

    This fragrant Thai salmon broth has a fresh and vibrant flavour thanks to lemongrass, kaffir lime and coriander root - perfect as a light lunch or dinner.

  • Cumin coriander and chia-crusted salmon with buckwheat salad

    This perfectly simple salad is transformed by the addition of salmon fillet adorned with a coriander, cumin and chia crumb - perfection.

  • Salmon and brown rice salad

    The easy pairing of sesame oil, soy sauce, and mirin in this salmon and brown rice salad recipe makes for a perfect mid week dinner.

  • Miso and ginger salmon skewers

    Super versatile miso has a distinctive flavour and makes a wonderful marinate for these tender salmon skewers.

  • Salmon dill and potato cakes

    A simple but nutritious family favourite, salmon fishcakes are big on flavour yet quick and easy to prepare. Perfectly crisp on the outside, light and fluffy in the middle.

  • Salmon green curry

    Short on time? Make the curry paste ahead and you have a lightning-fast midweek meal - serve it with ginger brown rice or coconut quinoa.

  • Smoked paprika and green olive salmon

    Super-simple to make (and delicious to eat!) these sweet little paprika, green olive and salmon parcels lock in the flavour as they cook.

  • Spicy tamarind salmon with bok choy and almonds

    A bed of vibrant bok choy makes the perfect base for this salmon fillet infused with with sweet, spicy tamarind and a healthy dose of chilli.

Whether it’s pan-fried to crispy perfection, fragrantly smoked, grilled or poached in a delicate broth, here are some delicious ways to enjoy salmon.

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07 February 2019

cooking with cucumber

  • cooking with cucumber

    Cool, crisp cucumbers add freshness and crunch to our favourite summer salads and treats. Click on each image to access the recipe.

  • Beef eye fillet steaks with apple and cucumber salad

    Simple and refreshing - a simple green apple and cucumber salad finished with a creamy dill dressing is the perfect partner to this beef eye fillet.

  • Dukkah-crusted salmonn with cucumber and chilli salad

    Possibly the best-ever weeknight meal... dukkah-crusted salmon teams up with a perfectly refreshing cucumber and chilli salad.

  • Sumac chicken with broad beans cucumber and feta

    The sumac adds a lemony, peppery flavour to the chicken to make this simple salad super impressive.

  • Salmon gravlax pasta salad with cucumber dressing

    This simple pasta salad features not one but two varieties of perfectly fresh and vibrant cucumbers. Bookmark it now - it will be your new weeknight favourite.

  • Mediterranean cucumber salad

    Put a fresh spin on your favourite mediterranean salad with delicate green cucumber spirals, warm chunks of haloumi finished with a cashew and basil dressing.

  • Spicy cucumber and tuna wraps

    Keeping it light? Trade your wrap for long lean green strips of cucumber, then fill with all your favourite flavours - so yum!

  • Cucumber lime and mint popsicles

    Say hello to your new summer favourite! Super refreshing and deliciously zesty, these stunning frosty popsicles are the coolest treats.

  • Cucumber mint and apple granita

    For an uplifting treat, combine mint, apple and cucumber to make a revitalising granita. Our new summer go-to!

01 February 2019

re-style: crispy salmon with dill pickled onions

Endlessly versatile, this fabulous crispy salmon can be transformed into a multitude of quick and easy meals perfect or any occasion.

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15 January 2019

Cooking with… tomatoes

  • cooking with tomatoes

    Plump, glossy tomatoes entice us with their robust flavour and perfect sweetness in the summer months. Here's a collection of our favourite tomato recipes.

  • fresh tomato kale caperberry pasta

    Fresh ricotta and the addition of caperberries turn a simple pasta into an impressive dish.

  • lamb kofta with pomegranate and tomato salad

    Moroccan flavours, vibrant greens and fresh cherry tomatoes will make this salad the centre of attention.

  • honey wood smoked salmon with quick pickled tomato

    The subtle smoked flavour of the salmon is perfectly paired with quick pickled tomatoes.

  • char-grilled tomato skewers with dill pesto and buffalo mozzarella bruschetta

    Bursting with fresh flavours these colourful beauties team perfectly with dill pesto and mozzarella.

  • braised chilli and tomato eggplant

    A touch of chilli adds depth to the big bold Mediterranean flavours of this braise.

  • tray-baked tomato onion and currant relish

    Perfect as a side or condiment, pink peppercorns and currants add spice and sweetness to the tomatoes.

Endlessly versatile and bursting with flavour - here are some of our favourite recipes to make with tomatoes.

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04 January 2019

re-style: lime and tequila fish tacos

​If you couldn’t love tacos anymore, my lime and tequila fish tacos also can be tweaked with a few simple tricks.

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28 December 2018

Cooking with… mangoes

  • cooking with mangoes

    Juicy and satisfying, these blushing beauties are one of the most iconic fruits of the season, lending tropical sweetness to fresh summer dishes.

  • Mango passionfruit smoothie bowl

  • Mango and herb salad with sesame ginger dressing

  • Mango coconut and chilli salsa

  • Grilled mango with frozen vanilla yoghurt

A sign of summer, here are some easy ways to enjoy mangoes.

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27 December 2018

Best Ever: Picnic Snacks

​Whether it be a simple family gathering or New Year’s festivities - here are some of our favourite snacks to bring and share.

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26 December 2018

Our favourite frozen cocktails

​Just in time for the new year, here are some of our favourite icy-cool drinks for the grown-ups!

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19 December 2018

Christmas desserts

  • Looking elegant and masterful, these show-stopping desserts are specially designed to deliver a little magic to the finale of your special day.

  • Raspberry swirl pavlova wreath

    Impress your guests with this statement pavlova wreath - made extra-special with a dreamy raspberry swirl, fresh berries and a sprinkling of festive nuts.

  • Gingerbread sherry caramel trifle

    The layers of gingerbread cake are a perfect match for the sherry-based jelly and gorgeous swirls of dulce de leche, it’s the ultimate festive treat.

  • Red velvet cake marshmallow icing

    Dress up this classic with soft folds of marshmallow icing and plump berries for a striking crimson creation for your festive table.

  • Smoked almond pear and marsala christmas cake

    You'll know it's Christmas when the joyful scent of spice begins to waft through the house from this thoroughly modern classic baking in the oven.

  • Berry ice-cream slice

    All of my favourite summer berries are combined in this icy dessert, and the good news is... you don't need to make the ice-cream.

  • Spiced sticky date caramel and star-anise cakes

    This enchanting dessert is delicately spiced and topped with a decadent caramel to truly embrace the festive season.

  • Raspberry and chocolate frozen trifle

    With layers of chocolate cake, ganache, sweet sherry ice cream, raspberry sorbet and luscious meringue - this frozen trifle is perfect for a sunny Christmas feast.

  • Raspberry and eggnog bombe alaska

    Beneath the golden peaks of the showstopper cake hides a Christmas surprise. Layers of creamy eggnog ice-cream on top of a tart sorbet - simply stunning!

Make a statement with a dreamy dessert, destined to be the star of the show.

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19 December 2018

Christmas Seafood

  • It wouldn't be a Donna Hay Christmas without a splash of seafood like smoked salmon, plump prawns or a barbecued seafood platter to complete your festive feast.

  • Horseradish and creme fraiche oysters

    Oysters served with horseradish and creme fraiche are a great way to start the festivities with a sophisticated touch - perfect with bubbles!

  • Smoked salmon mascarpone and tarragon pate

    Save precious time on the big day and opt for this simple and delicious twist on smoked salmon paté that can be made 2-3 days ahead.

  • Smoked salmon wasabi and radish finger sandwiches

    These delicate finger sandwiches are the perfect balance of old and new. Silky smoked salmon, the crunch of radish and a hint of wasabi.

  • Prawn pickled fennel and pink peppercorn mini burgers

    A quick pickle of fennel and pink peppercorns will make these picture-perfect mini prawn burgers an easy way to impress your guests!

  • Beetroot and juniper glazed salmon with horseradish mash

    If you're after a seafood dish that can be the star of the show, make this elegant side of beetroot-glazed salmon the centrepiece of your Christmas table.

  • Portuguese-style-barbecued-seafood-platter

    Marinated in a smoky spice mix, this amazing seafood platter needs nothing more than a squeeze of lemon for the perfect finish.

18 December 2018

Christmas salads

  • These summery salads will add colour, crunch and a distinctly Australian feel to your Christmas feast!

  • Prosciutto and caramelised peach salad with buffalo mozzarella

    A thoroughly modern twist on an Italian classic. The addition of char-grilled peaches makes this simple salad amazing!

  • Charred broccoli and brussels sprout salad with haloumi and red quinoa

    If you can't decide between traditional veggies and salad - load up your plate with this green feast!

  • New caesar salad with oat croutons

    This better-for-you twist on a classic is topped with oats and seeds instead of croutons and finished with a creamy buttermilk dressing!

  • Tomato and crispy parsley pasta salad

    The pasta salad to beat all pasta salads. Packed full of fresh flavours, this will become a summer staple.

  • Quinoa cauliflower salad

    Quick and easy to prepare, the addition of hazelnuts and currants gives this simple salad a festive touch.

  • Sweet and sour beetroot salad

    Get set to impress! Crunchy and bold with a hint of sweetness, this salad is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

17 December 2018

Christmas mains

  • ​'Tis the season to impress your guests with one of these delicious mains! Get inspired this Christmas whether you're after a traditional ham or speedy roast chicken - we've got you covered.

  • Milk braised dijon chicken

    Not only is it the most incredible chicken - ever! By cooking it on the stovetop you save valuable space in the oven for vegetables.

  • Quick butterflied roast chicken

    Short on time? Butterfly your chicken for a faster, more even cooking result. Best. Idea. Ever!

  • Fennel black pepper and lemon slow-cooked pork

    As delicious as it is impressive, this flavoursome pork roast will quickly become a family favourite.

  • Porchetta

    Deceptively simple, this lovely pork loin features delicate flavours and a perfectly crisp finish.

  • Apple and herb brined turkey with rosemary gravy

    A whole bird makes a stunning centrepiece on any festive table.

  • Buttermilk brined sage turkey breast with red currant sauce

    Easy to cook and a breeze to carve, this beautiful sage and buttermilk brined turkey breast is hard to beat.

  • Whisky marmalade and mustard glazed ham

    Seriously glam but secretly really very simple this glossy glazed ham needs just a few store-cupboard ingredients.

  • Spiced pomegranate and orange glazed ham

    Destined to impress... If you've looking for something a little extra, this spiced ham will do the trick.

  • Cheats glazed ham

    This ham is super-simple to prepare but retains the sticky sweet depth of flavour that defines traditional Christmas ham.

12 December 2018

re-style: lemongrass chicken salad

​Whether you’re serving for friends or taking something for lunch, this lemongrass chicken salad gives you plenty of options.

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12 December 2018

Christmas potatoes

  • Put a clever new spin on classic flavours this festive season with these versatile potato recipes!

  • Roast chat potatoes with Cafe de paris butter

    Raise the bar on your usual roast potatoes with a knob of velvety Cafe de Paris butter. Too good!

  • Char-grilled potato salad with creamy mustard dressing

    Going cool this year? Even the potato salad has been given a modern (read delicious) update.

  • Rosemary mascarpone and potato tart

    Try not to upstage the main with this beautiful potato, manchego and mascarpone tart.

  • Polenta and parmesan crumbed potatoes

    What a clever twist! Try using polenta and parmesan for a crunchy crumb.

  • Roasted duck fat tarragon potatoes

    When a classic is so good it can't be improved... tarragon, duck fat, potato. These potatoes are everything.

  • Roasted potato stacks with pecorino and marjoram

    Transform your potato offering into something more sophisticated, like these picture-perfect potato stacks.

12 December 2018

Christmas edible gifting

  • ​Impress your friends this festive season and gift them the perfect Christmas treat! Who wouldn't be happy with something lovingly homemade?

  • Classic vanilla caramels

    A timeless classic. These creamy vanilla caramels are wrapped and ready to become a special gift.

  • Jam drop cookies

    Suitably festive, yet quick and easy to make - these jam drop cookies are everyone's favourite.

  • Chocolate caramel truffles

    These chocolate truffles are so rich and smooth, you'll want to keep some for yourself.

  • Raspberry and rose petal rocky road

    Rocky road… so pretty and so irresistible. Best wrapped and given to friends – before you eat them all!

  • Cranberry choc-chip cookie mix

    Assemble this thoughtful present for someone to mix and make. Cookies in a flash!

  • Gingerbread men garland

    String them up around the house or tie them to a gift. These gingerbread taste as good as they look!

11 December 2018

Christmas treats sneak peek

  • Don't be without inspiration this festive season, as I've collected the best Christmas recipes in one handy cook book. Here's a look at some of my favourite sweet recipes.

  • Snowy Christmas fruit cake

  • Raspberry and white chocolate trifle

  • Cloth steamed plum puddings

  • Chewy caramels with salted peanuts

  • Gingerbread houses

  • All of these classic recipes are available in Christmas Feasts and Treats, buy the book now!

​Donna’s new cook book, Christmas Feasts and Treats is your go-to guide for a fuss-free Christmas. Here’s a sneak at the second part of the book, Treats.

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10 December 2018

Christmas sides

  • These extra special sides will add colour and style to your Christmas table. Simple to prepare and full of flavour - they will help you deliver the most magical yet.

  • Honey fennel carrots with crispy chickpeas

    Flavours of sumac and fennel complement perfectly with the sweet addition of honey.

  • Baby asparagus with garlic oregano crumbs

    Just the right amount of crunch and a little zesty dressing makes this fresh asparagus delicious.

  • Slow roasted onion tray stuffing with olives sage and oregano

    Simply perfect tray-baked stuffing you can prepare ahead of time.

  • Sweet potato hasselbacks with basil salsa verde

    A modern upgrade on the hasselback technique, this recipe is a firm favourite.

  • Pistachio orange and cranberry butter

    Festive flavours rolled into this butter will transform your beans into something extra special.

  • Parmesan and lemon thyme parsnip strips

    Crispy and crunchy wafer-thin parsnips made using the ever-versatile vegetable peeler.

We’ve rounded up our favourite sides that will add flavour and perfectly complement your mains for a well rounded festive feast.

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04 December 2018

Christmas feasts sneak peek

  • Christmas is sorted this festive season, as I've put all the classic dishes you love together in one handy cook book. Here's a look at some of my favourite recipes.

  • Spiced pomegranate and orange glazed ham

  • Apple cider mustard and sage glazed ham

  • Prosecco brined turkey breast with brussels sprouts and speck

  • Vincotto roast chicken with herb and sherry stuffing

  • Broccoli with lemon butter and thyme breadcrumbs

  • Whole roasted white wine and butter cauliflower

  • All of these classic recipes are available in Christmas Feasts and Treats, buy the book now!

​Donna’s new cook book, Christmas Feasts and Treats is your go-to guide for a fuss-free Christmas. Here’s a sneak at the first part of the book, Feasts.

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27 November 2018

Christmas sweet treats

  • Treat your guests to some festive fun with these delicious sweet treats - perfect for parties!

  • Cinnamon and chocolate caramel apples

    Destined to impress these apples are a modern twist on a classic.

  • Vanilla star christmas pudding ice-cream sandwiches

    Festive in shape and flavour, these are a hit for guests young and old.

  • Nougat ginger and mascarpone trifles

    Here's a trifle with gingery bite and a Christmas finish.

  • Salted dark chocolate christmas pudding truffles

    Using store bought Christmas pudding, here's a quick way to make a festive truffle.

  • Spiced star cookies

    Just a hint of spice, for a sweet afternoon treat.

  • Blackberry yoghurt and lemon eton mess

    Using a few simple cheats, the classic eton mess gets a bold and refreshing update.

  • You will find more ideas and your complete guide to a Donna Hay Christmas, in my new book out now!

Impress your guests with a little sweet treat – the perfect end to a magical occasion. 

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27 November 2018

Christmas party starters

  • You'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with this collection of clever and delicious nibbles.

  • Minted spinach dip with yoghurt

    Been asked to bring a dip? This simple combination of mint, spinach and creamy yoghurt will surprise and delight!

  • Goats cheese and beetroot tarte tatin

    A modern twist on a classic, this festive tart is set to impress.

  • Coconut rice paper rolls

    A refreshing starter utilising fragrant herbs for a lighter option.

  • Prawns with bloody mary mayonnaise and celery salt

    Classic prawns with a modern twist and some big flavours.

  • Ricotta and parmesan fritters with pesto

    These are great served alone, or as a base with smoked salmon.

  • Creamy lemon goat's cheese in dukkah

    A favourite pantry staple, spicy dukkah adds an exotic touch to these goat's cheese bites.

  • You will find more ideas and your complete guide to a Donna Hay Christmas, in my new book out now!

Simple and tasty, these quick and easy nibbles are guaranteed to please.

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27 November 2018

Christmas cocktail hour

  • Let the Christmas celebrations begin! With a drop of festive fizz, some sophisticated punch or a classic cocktail.

  • Fennel-infused vodka punch with blueberries

    A chic drink with a fragrant touch.

  • Rosehip raspberry and blood orange cocktail

    Served tall and with a hint of bubbles, this cocktail sparkles with Christmas colours.

  • Lemongrass and cucumber caprioska

    A classic with a refreshingly cool twist.

  • Cranberry and pomegranate spritz

    Rich red berries turn this drink into a festive hit.

  • Pink grapefruit margarita

    A zesty combination of grapefruit and lime, this margarita is perfect for the warmer weather.

  • Strawberry and bitters sparkling cocktail

    A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this glass is bursting with bitters and bubbles.

Nothing says Christmas like the pop of a cork, fresh fruity flavours and a toast to great friends!

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12 November 2018

our favourite: edible decorations

Turn your home into a gingerbread wonderland this Christmas with these oh-so sweet edible decorations. 

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09 November 2018

Inspiration for the modern baker

​Regardless of your skill set, you’ll find some baking inspiration from my new cook book Modern Baking.

There is something for everyone, whether it be indulgent desserts, quick fixes or better-for-you treats.

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02 November 2018

cooking with… broccoli

A family favourite you’ll find in almost every fridge, broccoli is given the spotlight for inventive ways to make it exciting each and every night.

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26 October 2018

best ever: halloween treats

  • our favourite halloween ideas

    ​It's that time of year... when ghosts and goblins come out to play! And of course they'll need some treats that are fun, tasty and a little bit spooky! Here are our favourites for inspiration. Click the pics for the recipes.

  • cranky witch cupcake

    Who knew an ice-cream cone could look so sinister? With just a few simple additions, you can transform a cupcake into a witch with some serious attitude. Look out!

  • scary spider cupcakes

    Pipe two carefully-placed mounds of chocolate icing, add eight licorice legs and a few sprinkles and these seemingly innocent chocolate cupcakes will suddenly make your skin crawl!

  • wicked cookie sandwiches

    Put your pumpkin-carving skills to good use and create some wonderfully wicked faces for these jam cookies.

  • creepy chocolate spiders

    We know these huge hairy spiders are actually mini chocolate truffles in disguise. But don't tell your guests!

  • gingerbread skeletons

    No sugar-dusted cottage for this guy... he's the gingerbread of Spooksville! But he's super tasty and you can make him a few days in advance of your fright-night.

  • pumpkin meringues

    Don't like pumpkin? No problem. A few drops of food colouring and these sweet little meringues morph into Jack-o-lanterns!

  • vampire bats

    The kids will love making these little no-bake marshmallow bats, they are super simple and will literally fly off the plate!

25 October 2018

Donna Hay Mega Sale

​We are super excited to tell you our MEGA Sale is coming, in a brand new location, with up to 70% off!

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23 October 2018

Simple Chicken Dinners

  • Simply Chicken

    Simple weeknight dinners: here are some of my favourite recipes to keep you inspired using my go-to protein - chicken!

  • Quinoa chicken and kale fritters

    Quinoa, chicken, kale and feta - what a winning combination. These fritters are packed with flavour and great option for busy weeknights.

  • Coconut poached chicken salad

    This is simply the best way to perfectly cook chicken breast, every time. Plus the poaching liquid is used for the dressing, if you like it spicy add a dash of chilli.

  • Buttermilk not-fried chicken with zucchini slaw

    All the flavour and crunch of fried chicken, but without the mess. These flavour packed thighs are oven-baked and so easy to make.

  • Miso grilled chicken skewers

    An easy marinade to whip up for a weekend bbq or outdoor entertaining. I'm certain this recipe will quickly become a favourite.

  • Ginger chicken rice bowls

    The secret is in the nutty crunchy coating on the chicken, which pairs perfectly with the big flavours found in the ginger coriander dressing.

  • Speedy salt pepper and chilli roasted chicken

    An amazingly flavoured roast chicken in a fraction of the time, using some of my favourite pantry staples.

​Chicken is such a versatile base ingredient that is so easy to add fresh flavours to and make something really tasty. Here are six of my favourite go-to chicken recipes thanks to Lilydale Free Range.

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17 October 2018

Three Fast Pastas

Here are three ways to create speedy weeknight pastas with all the flavour but without the fuss! A handful of ingredients can be all you need for a simple weeknight meal. D.x

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10 October 2018

Modern Baking on tour

Modern Baking available now

Modern Baking available now

Here's where you'll find me

Here's where you'll find me

​To celebrate my new book Modern Baking, I’m headed to Europe - read on for times, dates and details of events in London, Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam.  

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26 August 2018

weekend baker: the prettiest melting moments

Melting moments are the ultimate afternoon-tea treat – so dainty and sweet, they are also incredibly easy to make and, when presented on a pretty cake stand or plate, are bound to impress at your next gathering.

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17 August 2018

Sweet something…

  • From rich, chocolate espresso cake to shimmering brown sugar meringues or one of our favourite salty sweet cookies, there's something special here for everyone. Click each image for the recipe.

  • Apple and coconut caramel cobbler

    Simple to make and even easier to eat, this beautiful rustic apple and coconut cobbler uses coconut sugar to add a subtle caramel flavour... so good!

  • Brown sugar meringues with chocolate swirl cream and sugar bark

    Looking for a unique twist on meringue? Swap the standard white caster sugar for raw caster and dark brown sugar to add richness and a golden glow to these pillowy treats.

  • Chocolate espresso syrup cake

    Coffee, chocolate and rich dark muscovado sugar come together in this decadent chocolate espresso syrup cake. The finishing touch? A drizzle of delicious espresso syrup.

  • Cinnamon and vanilla oven-roasted granola

    Make this feel-good granola the perfect start to your morning! The unrefined rapadura sugar adds a delicate caramel flavour to this nutritious mix of nuts and seeds.

  • Quinoa and blueberry power bars

    The perfect portable snack or breakfast on the go... These blueberry power bars are made with quinoa, blueberries and low GI cane sugar.

  • Salted caramel choc-chip cookies

    Donna's perfectly salty sweet cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Tasty salted caramel and choc-chip are a winning combination.

Looking to impress your dinner party guests, satisfy your sweet craving or grab breakfast on the go? We’ve got you sorted with this collection of sweet treats

                                                                  In collaboration with CSR Sugar 

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05 July 2018








Donna shares her tips and tricks for preparing for the big events in life…

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06 May 2018

speedy dinners


    Put these quick, no-fuss recipes to the test, any day of the week, and transform simple dishes into something special with haste.

  • Panko-crumbed-chicken-with-sticky-soy-and-sesame-rice

    Coated in a crunchy layer of panko crumbs, this flavoursome chicken makes a winning mid-week meal.

  • Tahini chickpea and spinach fritters

    Mix, pour and flip these vegetarian fritters, and serve warm alongside a simple salad.

  • Caramelised leek and broccoli fish pie

    Have a nutritious and warming dinner on the table in less than half an hour when you make this simple fish pie.

  • Baked chilli tofu and kale noodles with black sesame dressing

    Easy, satisfying and bursting with flavour, this tofu noodle dish ticks all the boxes on a chilly weeknight.

  • Char-grilled chicken with green chilli and corn salsa

    As colourful as it is quick to make, this Mexican-inspired dish comes together in next-to-no time.

  • Cheat's chilli, duck and basil stir-fry

    Trade in the take-away for this crowd-pleasing and super-speedy stir-fry, featuring chilli jam and fragrant Thai basil.

  • Chilli and lime pork skewers with buttered ginger rice

    A kick of citrus and touch of chilli makes these bright and light pork skewers the perfect pairing for a bed of ginger-spiced rice.

Cut down on time spent cooking, without compromising on flavour, with this collection of simple, speedy meals that are ideal for the mid-week rush. 

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03 May 2018

Create the perfect Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day on its way, Donna shares her tips for indulging the mothers in your life with thoughtful gifts, fresh blooms and delicious homemade treats. 

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29 April 2018

how to: vegan pesto

There’s nothing like a fresh, homemade pesto to uplift meals to gourmet status, and these dairy-free recipes are a perfect match for pasta, noodles, grilled vegetables and more. 

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24 April 2018

Donna’s travel essentials

Those who’ve travelled for work, or at a less-than-leisurely pace, will know the difference a thoughtfully packed carry-on case can make on a flight. In collaboration with Estee Lauder, we take a look at what Donna takes travelling, and share her tips for perfecting the art of in-flight packing. 

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20 April 2018

cooking with…beetroot

  • Cooking with beetroot

    Beetroots are incredibly simple to cook with, versatile and nourishing. This vegetable has added flavour to a range of our recipes!

  • Beef and beetroot curry

    Beetroot perfectly compliments the tender beef in this sensational curry.

  • Beetroot and feta burger

    Tasty and healthy, these beetroot and feta burgers are perfect for a quick dinner!

  • Roasted heirloom beetroot kale and goats cheese quiche

    You'll win over any dinner party with this delightful and impressive quiche!

  • Red velvet cupcakes with creamy ricotta icing

    Who doesn't love red velvet cupcakes? Top these treats with beetroot chips for a unique finish.

  • Roast beef fillet with raw beetroot salad

    Shake up your roast beef dish with an exotic raw beetroot salad on the side!

  • Beetroot red cabbage and caraway sauerkraut

    Our fascinating take on sauerkraut will boost any dish!

  • Roast spicy chicken with beetroot lentils and herbed yoghurt

    Looking to spice up a simple roast chicken? This recipe will take it to the next level.

  • Beetroot cashew and orange smoothie popsicle

    Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with these refreshing, healthy popsicles.

Beetroots pop with delicious flavours, vibrant colour and contain tremendous health benefits! We have collated some of our favourite recipes that incorporate the beetroots rustic charm. 

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06 April 2018

An update from Donna…
A statement from our founder...

A statement from our founder...

04 April 2018



    Slow down and curl up with a bowl of warming, nutrient-rich soup – wonderful for simple weeknight suppers, warming weekday lunches and leisurely weekend feasts.

  • Tomato and root vegetable minestrone

    Ensure you’re getting your daily vegetable intake with this energising take on a classic Italian minestrone.

  • Chickpea and broccoli soup with pecorino croutons

    Topped with crispy sourdough breadcrumbs, this vibrant broccoli soup is bolstered by chickpeas and enhanced with pecorino cheese.

  • Chicken meatball soup with cavolo nero

    A hot, clear broth with tasty chicken meatballs and greens is a virtuous meal for any day of the week.

  • Ham lentil and kale soup

    A wholesome bowl that will go a long way, this soup borders on a stew with its combination of puy lentils, ham hock, macaroni and kale.

  • Mushroom and ginger soup with turkey dumplings and greens

    Lightly spiced with ginger and filled with protein-rich ingredients, this soup is guaranteed to satisfy on cool evenings.

  • Chicken soup

    Perfect for those feeling a little under the weather, this chicken noodle soup is a feel-good feast.

  • Sweet potato harissa soup tahini crispy chickpeas

    This vibrant orange bowl is flavoured with harissa and creamy tahini, and given a protein-boost by chickpeas.

  • Roasted sweet potato and coconut soup

    Those who love a classic pumpkin soup will love this creamy sweet potato blend on a winter’s night.

Those seeking solace in a rounded meal during the cooler months can take time to enjoy a soothing bowl of soup – filled with the season’s starring vegetables and immune-boosting ingredients.

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29 March 2018

how to: hot cross buns

​A warm, fresh-from-the-oven hot cross bun is always a welcomed sight come Easter time. Follow our simple step-by-step recipe to bake the perfect batch this year! Click on the steps to reveal the full recipe.

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08 March 2018

Autumnal Getaway

  • With the arrival of crisp, cool mornings comes daydreams of a getaway to a dreamy Maldives resort. Cue Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani - the embodiment of barefoot luxury...

  • Lay down a luxe beach towel and enjoy a sunrise breakfast or sip on an icy cold almond and blueberry smoothie to start your day.

  • Head back to your spectacular over-water villa to refresh before lunch. Even better, take a quick dip in your private pool... bliss.

  • Throw your favourite book in your beach bag and enjoy a light lunch. This grilled chicken and watercress salad with tahini dressing even looks like summer.

  • Get out and explore. Snorkel, dive, take a bike ride - enjoy the afternoon tropical breeze and get back to nature.

  • Take time out by the pool and spoil yourself with a refreshing treat. This lychee and coconut granita is calling your name.

  • Soneva Fushi offers guests the chance to enjoy a memorable sandbank dinner... spectacular food under nature's most impressive canopy.

  • A spritz of your favourite fragrance and you're ready for a relaxing evening with good friends and food. For laid-back luxe, pesto salmon skewers with green couscous salad ticks all the boxes.

                                                                  In collaboration with #discoversoneva

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12 February 2018

Valentine’s Day

  • From beautifully handcrafted chocolates to an appropriately named bright pink gin, we’ve hand-picked some Valentine’s Day treats for you and your love to enjoy.

  • Be still, my beating chocolate heart! Can’t decide between dark and milk chocolate? Then why not have both? Yum! But why stop there! Treat someone to one of these little decadent fudgy chocolate puddings, bursting with fresh raspberries.

  • Fill your home with the scent of rose petals, honey and lemon zest with this wonderfully aromatic candle. And for the perfect decadent treat, sink a spoon into one of these molten chocolate puddings.

  • Spice up your Valentine drinks with this amazing, aromatic, 'Gin of Lust' that has been infused with cherries, raspberries, vanilla and juniper. These pretty vanilla heart cakes with rosewater icing make the perfect coupling.

  • Fall in love…..with your childhood all over again with this very special yo-yo! But of course nothing says "I love you" like a melt-in-the-mouth homemade chocolate truffle.

  • Be seduced by these beautifully handcrafted, artisan chocolates....after all, you're only human! Or, dig out the cookie cutters and bake your love some delicious sweetheart biscuits.

29 January 2018

cooking with…coconut

  • Cooking with coconut

    We love coconuts! Take a look at the wide range of dishes you can create with this amazingly fragrant ingredient.

  • Coconut salmon with coconut-lime dressing

    Fresh and aromatic, this colourful weeknight dish is quick to prepare and super yummy!

  • Coconut caramel slice

    A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this combination of coconut, chocolate and caramel is hard to resist!

  • Coconut and blueberry overnight oats

    Kick start your day with this energising (and easy to prepare), fruity breakfast bowl.

  • Coconut lime and coriander poached chicken salad

    This gorgeous, aromatic chicken salad is just the ticket on a warm summer's night.

  • Blueberry and coconut scones

    Last minute invitation to morning tea? No problem, take along a batch of these delicious blueberry and coconut scones.

  • Korma and coconut chicken skewers

    When you're short on time but looking for something big on flavour, these chicken skewers are the perfect go-to weeknight meal.

  • Mixed berry smoothie bowl

    Sweet, creamy and colourful, this show-stopping bowl is packed with essential fibre, vitamins and minerals.

  • Lychee and coconut granita

    Coconut milk and fresh lychees make for an amazing rich-sweet balance. Served in coconut halves, it's a dreamy summer dessert.

What’s not to love about coconuts! From aromatic main meals, pretty breakfast bowls to dreamy summery desserts, the humble coconut is far more versatile than you think! 

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17 January 2018

Our favourite: tasty salads

If entertaining is on the agenda this weekend or you’ve been asked to bring along a salad to a barbecue, then give your salad repertoire a little shake-up and throw together one of these flavoursome wonders! 

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17 January 2018

Best Ever: Berry Desserts

​During the summer months, make the most of the beautiful, sweet jewel-like berries that are in season. Here are four gorgeous berry recipes, all fit for a queen (and her king!).

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08 January 2018

Best ever: Barbecue mains

Summer holidays call for lots of barbecue action and this year we plan to up the ante! So fire up the grill - we’ve collected a few of our best-ever barbecue mains - just click on each image for the recipe. 

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03 January 2018

Our favourite: icy cool treats

  • Frozen Fruity Treats

    Cool down this summer with these refreshing fruity treats — frozen until ready to serve, they’re perfect for a day by the pool or easy entertaining.

  • Banana and mango ice-cream

    Smooth and creamy, banana and mango makes a better-for-you treat packed full of fresh fruity goodness.

  • Beetroot cashew and orange smoothie popsicle

    Bursting with flavour, these beetroot, cashew and orange smoothie popsicles are the perfect afternoon treat.

  • Coconut ice-cream with peach and nectarine swirl

    This dairy-free ice-cream is made using coconut cream and perfected with a decadent peach and nectarine swirl.

  • Cucumber lime and mint popsicles

    The perfect remedy to a hot summer’s day... these cucumber, lime and mint popsicles even look cool.

  • Mango coconut and chia popsicles

    Perfect for a sizzling hot day, these mango, coconut and chia popsicles are both light and incredibly satisfying.

  • Raspberry and lime ice-cream

    This simple dairy-free ice-cream combines sweet summer berries with lime - keep it in the freezer for heat-busting emergencies!

  • Raspberry thyme and lemonade popsicles

    Sit back and relax by the pool with a home-made popsicle, full of flavour and chunks of fresh fruit.

Summer’s here and the perfect antidote to scorching hot days? One of these scrumptious summer treats - that just happen to be dairy-free. Click on each image for the recipe.

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01 January 2018

Our favourite: vegetarian meals

  • Vegetarian Meals

    From Italian braised beans to roast tomato and haloumi lasagne - your meat-free Monday wish list will last all week!

  • Kale, pea and ricotta fritters

    Packed with wholesome ingredients, these fritters make for a sensational savoury snack or delicious breakfast.

  • Roast cauliflower pizza

    Topped with roasted cauliflower, feta and fresh rocket, this nourishing pizza will keep them coming back for more.

  • Pumpkin spinach and basil pasta

    For a better-for-you take on a classic pasta, look to pumpkin for an easy, healthy and delicious substitute.

  • Grilled-broccolini-and-labne-almond-tart

    Cheat sheet - swap out the pastry base for a healthy twist. Try this delicious savoury tart with a crushed almond base.

  • Charred broccoli and brown rice salad

    For a nourishing weeknight dish, this brown rice salad is perfect as a light main or a tasty side. It's even great for lunch the next day!

  • Roast tomato basil haloumi lasagne

    Transform your traditional lasagne with our comforting and crowd pleasing roast tomato, basil and haloumi version - so yum!

  • Italian braised beans with tomato and rosemary

    A hearty stew is the perfect way to pack in important proteins and this classic Italian braised bean dish does just that!

  • Baked chilli tofu and kale noodles with black sesame dressing

    As delicious as they are glamorous - you'll find these chilli tofu and kale noodles on high rotation at your place very soon!

  • Open faced supergreen burgers with sweet potato fries

    For a deluxe vegetarian burger, look no further than our supergreen with a side of sweet potato fries.

In need of inspirational vegetarian meal ideas? Make the most of the season’s fresh and natural produce with these impressively delicious veggie dishes - just click on the image for the recipe. 

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29 December 2017

Our favourite: party snacks

Whether you’re hosting a lunch or heading out to a barbeque, impress your guests with everything from arancini meatballs and char-grilled chicken wings to crunchy quinoa and thyme tofu chips this party season.  

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28 December 2017

Our favourite: Summer quenchers

  • Our favourite: Summer quenchers

    Whether you’re planning on entertaining or just spending the day by the pool, these beverages are perfect for the warmer days ahead.

  • Berry spritz

    From the fresh strawberries floating in chilled pino gris to the sweet agave syrup, this spritz is the perfect summer refresher.

  • Cranberry and berry smash

    Packed with antioxidant-rich berries, this sweet thirst quencher will be sure to cool you down as the temperature rises.

  • East coast cooler

    Summer calls for pool parties and pool parties call for this east coast cooler complete with chilled sauvignon blanc and sweet, juicy pick lady apples.

  • Lime and ginger crush

    With the perfect combination of lime, vodka and ginger beer — this refreshing crush packs quite a mouthwatering punch.

  • Passionfruit cordial

    Why resort to store-bought syrups when you can make your own from scratch? Both quick and easy to make, this passionfruit cordial is a sure-fire summer winner.

  • Refreshing coconut cooler

    Refreshing and hydrating, this coconut cooler complete with cucumber and strawberries is a summer soiree staple.

  • Pineapple and ginger beer spiders

    Whether you’re spoiling yourself or treating the kids with this delicious pineapple and ginger beer spider, it’s a thirst quencher the whole family will love.

  • Watermelon and grapefruit float

    The ultimate afternoon treat on hot summer’s day, this refreshingly sweet watermelon and grapefruit float is pure heaven.

Take inspiration from our collection of cool and refreshing quenchers this summer - just click on each image for the recipe.

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27 December 2017

our favourite: easy weeknight meals

If having more time is on your New Year wish list… We’ve got your Summer nights sorted, these quick and easy meals will be on the table in minutes! 

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26 December 2017

Our favourite: Summer salads

  • Our favourite: Summer salads

    Start the season off right with some of our staple summer salads, sure to be on high rotation as the temperature rises and cool breezes become a distant memory.

  • Almond milk-poached chicken salad resize

    Whip up this quick and easy almond milk-poached chicken salad for a no-fuss, protein packed lunch fit for the summer months.

  • Apple fig salad goats curd

    Tossed in a creamy goat’s curd dressing and topped with warm walnuts, this super simple apple and fig salad is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

  • Broccoli broad bean and cucumber tabouli with creamy hummus dressing

    Whether served as a side or as wholesome lunch, this broccoli, broad bean and cucumber tabouli complete with a creamy hummus dressing and is the perfect solution to a busy summer’s day.

  • GRILLED CHICKEN AND WATERCRESS SALAD with tahini and watercress dressing

    Fresh, light and esthetically pleasing, the warm slivers of grilled chicken are complimented perfectly by the crunch of the watercress and the creaminess of the tahini dressing.

  • Corn and cucumber salad

    Fit for a summer barbecue, this corn and cucumber salad with a side of cracked freekeh is perfect for entertaining.

  • Mediterranean cucumber salad

    Make like a mediterranean this summer and serve this super simple yet satisfying salad, perfect for a day by the pool or a picnic by the beach.

  • Quinoa and asparagus salad

    Generously drizzled in a pomegranate dressing, this quinoa and asparagus salad is wholesome, satisfying and seriously simple.

  • Nori prawn salad with broccolini

    Thrown together in a bowl, tossed and ready to go, this bright, colorful and mouthwatering salad is set to serve in next to no time.

From apple and fig complete with creamy goat’s curd to grilled chicken and watercress drizzled in a tahini dressing, these salads are fit for those sizzling summer days - just click on each image for the recipe.

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19 December 2017

Our Favourite: festive salads

A summery festive season is the best time for using all the beautiful, natural produce. Adding some fresh and crisp elements to any Christmas feast will give it the perfect balance!

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17 December 2017

best ever: iced coffee treats

When the sun is scorching sometimes you need a coffee and a cool treat, simultaneously. A great iced coffee is a delicious afternoon pick-me-up but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve created a collection of our favourite icy-cool coffee treats made using Nespresso’s Limited Edition coffees, Leggero on Ice and Intenso on Ice!                                                                            

                                                                        In association with Nespresso

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02 December 2017

Our Favourite: Festive treats

Take your festive baking up a notch with the addition of Cobram Estate’s Australian Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil - flavoursome recipes fit for entertaining!

                                              In collaboration with Cobram Estate

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30 November 2017

behind the scenes - part 2

  • Donna and her young friends embark on an adventure filled eight-part series, experimenting with some healthy change-ups to our favourite recipes. There are thrills and spills and of course, loads of laughs along the way.

  • In episode 5 we leave the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the country. Here, we’ll get to use fresh ingredients and play some super fun games!

  • The country is the perfect excuse to try strawberry panna cottas and a quick quiche recipe made with a twist!

  • The vegetable garden is the perfect place to get all the best veggies. In this episode we cook some delicious meals using veggies and even meet some pretty interesting friends along the way…

  • We cook up a storm with some lightening fast vegetable fritters, zucchini cannelloni, and even a carrot cake that is super yum!

  • Sunday lunch is all about getting the family together over some home cooked food. In this episode we cook some crowd-pleasing meals that can get everyone in the family cooking!

  • Creating the perfect summer dishes we cook up some fun sushi cones, a fresh and crisp rainbow salad, and yummy summer fruit tarts!

  • In episode 8 Donna and the girls hold a charity cake stall to make some healthy sweet treats that are sure to sell off the stands.

  • Together they bake a chocolate fudge cake, chocolate crackles, and some decorated cupcakes, that are so yum and good for you.

Take a sneak peek into all the fun that happened behind the scenes of my new series, Basics to Brilliance. ​I was lucky to have such a fabulous team from Foxtel who made filming my new series such a pleasure. We worked hard, but we had loads of laughs and I suspect they were the best-fed crew in television! D.x

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25 November 2017

How to: Christmas pudding






Historically, parents would teach their children how to make Christmas pudding, so get the kids involved and start a new tradition of you own.

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10 November 2017

behind the scenes
  • Donna and her young friends embark on an adventure filled eight-part series, experimenting with some healthy change-ups to our favourite recipes. There are thrills and spills and of course, loads of laughs along the way.

  • Episode one of Basics to Brilliance Kids saw Donna and the gang prepare for the ultimate backyard movie night, painting cardboard cars, cooking tasty snacks and building their outdoor cinema.

  • Think chewy, crunchy chocolate peanut slice and vegetable packed tortilla bowls, followed by a must-have cinema snack: oil and additive free popcorn and seriously yummy yoghurt popsicles.

  • In episode two, Donna and the girls head out for a day of salt, sand, sun and surfing before they start cooking up a storm!

  • Together they build their own burgers, corn fritters and try Donna's ultimate chocolate and strawberry milkshakes - with a healthy twist! Super yum!!

  • Donna hosts the ultimate girls sleepover in episode three of Basics to Brilliance Kids, there's dancing, cooking and of course... a dress up box fit for a princess.

  • Mastering the tricks of the trade, the girls load pizzas with fresh ingredients, whisk up fudgy chocolate puddings and wake up with the fluffiest pancakes.

  • Episode four saw Donna and the boys head out on an adrenaline-packed adventure. There's a treasure hunt and a chance to experiment with wholesome ingredients.

  • Donna and the boys prepare a clever and healthy take on pesto pasta, wholesome pies, choc-banana brownies and mouthwatering jam drop cookies.

04 November 2017

Summer days by the sea…
  • The very thought of a long lazy lunch with friends conjures up visions of grilled seafood piled high and a crisp, cool glass of white wine. Enjoy our recipe ideas for relaxed summer entertaining.

  • Gather your friends, prepare a bounty of shareable platters and get ready to sail away… the fun starts here!

  • A summer staple with a fun twist! These char-grilled prawns with miso, ginger butter are served on easy-to-handle bamboo skewers, and they pair perfectly with our favourite... Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Entertaining is only fun if you get a chance to join in the fun. The secret... is preparation, get the prep done early so you can unwind and enjoy the time with friends - making memories together.

  • As the gulls wheel and turn over the water, you can take in your surrounds. The only decision you need to make is whether to start with the prawns, or go straight for the crispy chilli fish.

  • Kick off your shoes... and settle in for a long afternoon with good friends by the sea. The water lapping at our feet, a chilled glass in hand and the salty smell of summer in the air.

  • The vibrant mix of lime, lemon and nectarine aromatics in the Sauvignon Blanc makes food flavours sing and these delicate slices of tuna sashimi with cucumber and ginger sesame are no exception.

  • When the food’s gone and the light of the day starts to fade, take a moment to soak it all up and ask yourself: why don’t we all do this more often?

                                                                  In collaboration with #cloudybay 

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28 October 2017

weekend baker: apple pie
step 1

step 1

step 2

step 2

step 3

step 3

Planning on staying in this weekend? One warming slice of this apple pie will take you to heaven. We made our own pastry crust in a few easy steps too!

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27 October 2017

best ever: nut butters

Swap unhealthy spreads for our nutritious, homemade wholefood nut butters. A great source of heart-healthy fats and protein, they are simple to make and offer plenty of opportunity to experiment with different flavours such as cacaoSmooth and creamy, they’re delicious on sliced toast or dolloped into smoothies or porridge.

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14 September 2017

sweet 16th birthday – behind the scenes
  • In her signature style, Donna celebrated the magazine’s sweet 16th with an elegant and intimate event. Just like crafting a magazine, putting together an event takes a team, a vision and a whole lot of work behind the scenes.

  • What lies at the heart of any donna hay celebration? Cake, of course. And lots of it! Our trusted Queen vanilla was in constant demand amidst days of whipping, mixing and baking, inching ever-closer to the party vision - a cake table like no other!

  • The day arrives. There are tables to be dressed, miles and miles of cake stands to be polished, positioned and then repositioned. And then there’s the drizzle… the all-important, perfectly placed icing, chocolate and caramel drizzle.

  • Time to call in the classics, like our favourite Le Creuset cast iron, delicate pieces of etched glass, multi-level pewter stands and even some uber-glamorous black glass cake stands to strut their stuff.

  • There are spring blooms positively bursting as we build, blossoms and buds abound, aromas creating a sensory celebration all of their own. And in the centre of it all, a delicate beauty – the salted coconut and raspberry bundt cake.

  • Guests start to trickle in via an enchanted forest walkway… leaves rustle underfoot and the sweet vocals of the talented Grace Pitts can be heard drifting through from the party room.

  • Moments before guests are due to arrive, Donna takes the opportunity to touch up with her favourite Estee Lauder lip gloss. The filming for her new series has just finished but she is poised, ready for action. It’s party time!

  • The popping corks announce the party has officially begun! The Cloudy Bay Pelorus sparkles and shines for our guests. The music starts and the party is officially in full swing.

  • A breathtaking dessert table takes centre stage with a sensational cake selection, abundant with sweet treats and nestled between dream-like outstretched branches. Of course, Donna is as always ready to serve you up a slice.

  • Adorning the back wall and in plentiful supply on the dessert table are the iconic birthday cupcakes from the cover. Click the image to see the recipe for the best chocolate cupcake – ever!

With special thanks to our Sweet 16 sponsors Cloudy Bay, Queen Fine Foods, Le Creuset and Estee Lauder

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02 September 2017

spring is in the air…
  • Bring on spring! This is how to host a party the donna hay way, the water is sparkling and so is the Pelorus!

  • Perfectly tasty morsels are effortlessly paired with elegant flutes of bubbles… twirling their way to the top of the glass.

  • A fresh spin on a classic, mini blinis mingle with chives and the most refreshing citrus-cured salmon - perfection!

  • Time to kick off your shoes as the water laps against the boats and the afternoon sun sinks in the sky...

  • The delicate yet crisp palate of Pelorus makes a perfect sipping partner for these seared scallops and pear.

  • The lightest, most perfectly summery cloudy apple sorbet packs a fruity punch.

  • Charge your glasses. Looks like we're in for a perfect sunset!

                                                                    In collaboration with #cloudybay 

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28 August 2017

best ever: make-ahead breakfasts

  • Best-ever: make-ahead breakfasts

    Cruise through your morning rush hour with these wholesome and delightful breakfasts you can make the night before!

  • Coconut and blueberry overnight oats

    These coconut and blueberry overnight oats are made with a blend of chia seeds and shredded coconuts for a refreshing and creamy grab-n-go breakfast.

  • Quinoa and almond butter overnight oats

    Add quinoa to your oats for a protein kick in the morning! Drizzle with honey and serve with figs. Perfection!

  • Seeded overnight oats

    This power packed recipe is full of seeds and nuts that will help you kick start your day - sunflower seeds, linseeds, almonds and chia seeds served alongside a healthy handful of raspberries.

  • Cacao and puffed quinoa granola

    Who doesn't love hazelnuts and pistachios, especially when coated in maple syrup and cocao. This breakfast treat will have you excited to wake up in the morning.

  • Coffee and almond overnight oats

    Have a busy day ahead? Start it on the right foot with a hit of coffee in your oats.

  • Crunchy buckwheat granola

    Add a little buckwheat into your diet. Top up your essential nutrients with this granola mix that uses buckwheat as its base ingredient.

  • Date nut and seed granola

    Super easy to make and full of goodness. You'll be wanting to eat this granola mix not just for breakfast, but as a snack throughout the day.

  • Power seed bircher with maple vanilla yoghurt

    With a healthy dollop of maple vanilla yoghurt this power seed bircher is one of our favourite 'get up and go' recipes.

  • Quinoa bircher muesli pistachios blueberries

    The ultimate way to start you day - grated apple, quinoa, raisins, pistachios and blueberries. You cant't go wrong with this recipe.

Our busy schedules can sometimes leave us with little time to stay healthy. So we’re giving you 9 make-ahead breakfast recipes for when your mornings are all go. Click on each image for the recipe.

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10 August 2017

cooking with… eggplant

  • Cooking with... eggplant

    Roasted, charred, baked or mashed, the eggplant is extremely versatile and adds a subtle but flavoursome taste to any dish! Click on the photos for each recipe.

  • Eggplant varieties

    Want to learn all about the different types of eggplants you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Three-cheese eggplant involtini

    Perfect for sharing, this super easy three-cheese eggplant involtini is a definite crowd-pleaser!

  • Tamarind and chilli braised brisket and eggplants

    Flavoursome and tender, add some savoury zing to your dinner with this tamarind and chilli braised brisket with eggplants recipe.

  • Ginger and miso glazed eggplants

    Bring the flavours of of Japan to your dinner table with this delicious eggplant recipe.

  • Smoky eggplant, lamb sausage, potato pizza

    This delicious pizza recipe is so easy to make, it will be on weekly rotation in no time!

  • Sweet potato, eggplant and cauliflower bechamel lasagne

    Liven up your weeknights with this classic heartwarming recipe with a vegetarian twist.

  • Crispy eggplant and pesto burger

    The classic burger just got a makeover! Perfect for lunches, this crispy eggplant and pesto burger is so quick and simple to make.

  • Eggplant schnitzels with creamy mash and burnt butter

    If you're looking for nourishing vegetarian comfort food, this crispy eggplant schnitzel with creamy mash is the perfect dish for a cosy night in.

  • Creamy tomato, burrata and eggplant pasta

    Topped with creamy burrata, this pasta recipe is hearty and oh-so-delicious!

​From beautifully glossy globes in hues of rich autumnal violet to the delightful petite pea-green variety, we celebrate eggplants in all shapes and sizes with these warming recipes.

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05 August 2017

how to: homemade sauerkraut

Fermentation is one of the oldest techniques for preserving food and you get to enjoy the tasty results in less than a week. Tangy and refreshing, a forkful of sauerkraut will uplift any dish. Bottle a batch yourself before using it in a range of zesty meals. 

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28 July 2017

how to: coconut raspberry slice

A winning combination of nostalgic flavours, this classic homemade dessert is an instant crowd-pleaser!

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03 July 2017

American All-Star favourites

  • American All-star Favourites

    From gooey s'mores cookies to fried chicken and bourbon fries, we need little encouragement when it comes to reasons to party like it's 4th July!

  • Buttermilk fried chicken

    Who can resist a piece of crunchy, golden fried chicken? If you have never made your own - this perfect southern fried chicken is what you've been waiting for.

  • Pineapple and chipotle pulled pork sliders

    It's teamwork. The combination of pineapple and chipotle make these sweet and spicy mini burgers the perfect party food.

  • Loaded fries with cheese and beer sauce

    Not just your average potato chip. Layers of cheesy goodness just rocketed these loaded fries from good to amazing.

  • Spiced apple pie

    Summer or winter, you can't go wrong with apple pie. Time to take it up a notch by adding some spice to this classic!

  • Sticky maple and bourbon pork ribs

    It's napkins at the ready for these sweet and sticky pork ribs bathed in a bourbon glaze. So tender and flavoursome!

  • Rosemary and speck mac and cheese

    Garnished with rosemary and crispy speck, this creamy mac and cheese is so easy to make and perfect for any occasion.

  • S'mores cookies

    No party's ever complete without dessert. We've given the classic campfire treat a makeover with these simple s'mores cookies.

Inspired by the festivities of our American friends, these crowd-pleasing recipes are perfect for any occasion - so let’s get the party started! Click ‘read more’ then click on each picture to find the recipe.

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30 June 2017

best ever: breakfast bowls

  • best ever: breakfast bowls

    Start your day right with these super simple, deliciously tasty breakfast bowls!

  • Almond and apple bircher muesli

    This flavour-filled recipe has all the right ingredients to kick start your day – shredded coconut, raisin, green apple and pistachio, all drizzled with a generous helping of honey. Sweet!

  • Banana and almond porridge with burnt butter honey

    Once you learn how to make burnt butter honey, you'll never go back! This amazing ingredient magically enhances the flavour of any dish, like this banana and almond porridge.

  • Coconut and brown sugar porridge

    Get creative with your breakfast porridge and try it with coconut! Pour in a little coconut milk and coconut water, add a sprinkle of brown sugar and top it off with a handful of toasted coconut flakes. Perfection!

  • Coffee and almond overnight oats

    Now this is sure to get you hitting the ground running in the morning! Power-packed banana, almonds and LSA – plus a hit of strong espresso. Zing!

  • Crunchy buckwheat granola

    It's all about the texture with this one. Raw buckwheat, chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds make this crunchy granola bowl the perfect breakfast option.

  • Power seed bircher with maple vanilla yoghurt

    A big dollop of maple vanilla yoghurt will have you dreaming of this bowl well into midday! If fresh raspberries are in short supply, frozen works just as well.

  • Quinoa bircher muesli pistachios blueberries

    Got a big day ahead of you? The protein-rich quinoa bircher muesli will keep you fuelled up and ready to go for hours on end.

  • Savoury oats with roast thyme mushrooms

    We're loving savoury oats right now. Who wouldn't with all-star ingredients like flavourful mushrooms, fragrant thyme and sweet sun-kissed tomatoes. So yum!

  • Vanilla porridge with honeyed apples

    A simple, yet standout breakfast bowl. Rich caramel flavours and sweet apple, it's the ultimate way to start your day.

These chilly winter mornings make it’s so tempting to lay under the covers a little while longer. So we’re giving you nine delicious reasons to spring out of bed! Our collection of best-ever breakfast bowls will add some wholesome goodness to your morning routine. Click on each pic for the recipes. 

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22 June 2017

weekend baker: handmade cake boxes

Entertaining this weekend? These handmade cake boxes will make the perfect takeaway gift for your guests. We used 225gsm cardboard and attached name tags with tiny wooden pegs to add a personal touch. Cute and practical!

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21 June 2017

cooking with… sage

  • Cooking with… sage

    This humble ingredient may be small in size, but it makes a mighty big difference to balancing out a dish and making it just right. Click on the photos for each recipe.

  • Sage varieties

    Want to learn all about the different types of sage you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Broccoli bacon and crispy sage orecchiette

    A quick and easy pasta dish using only a handful of key ingredients, this recipe makes the perfect midweek meal.

  • Chicken sage smoked mozzarella cannelloni

    This warm cheesy comfort food dish will be on high rotation for family dinners in the winter months.

  • Garlic sage and blue cheese twisted loaf

    Add a bit of colour to your garlic bread… with some green sage and blue cheese! Perfect for entertaining.

  • Maple-glazed meatloaf with crispy sage and pancetta

    We’ve given meatloaf a makeover! Wrapped in sweet sticky maple-glazed pancetta to really bring out those glorious flavors.

  • Pork and lemon ragu with crispy sage

    Slow-cooked to perfection, this tender pork ragu is perfect served bread or pasta. Comfort food at its best!

  • Roast chicken with marsala sage mushroom and creamy semolina

    This roast chicken breast, topped with creamy semolina sauce, is the perfect balance of flavours.

  • Sage and fennel roasted pork with cider apples

    Full of big flavours, this sage and fennel roasted pork goes perfectly with the cider apples.

With its soft and delicate leaves in shades of silvery green, with splashes of purple and cream, sage is favoured for its elegance in both beauty and flavour. Offering a slightly sweet, peppery aroma to balance rich, robust dishes, this earthy herb adds strength and warmth to rustic breads, pastas and roasted meats. Click ‘read more’ to learn about the different varieties of sage you can find. 

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05 June 2017

Shimmering sunset
  • The setting sun casts a shimmering shadow over the sea. Together they provide the perfect backdrop for this laid-back affair.

  • Spiced sesame lamb patties with baba ghanoush are served with pomegranate, pistachio and red sorrel leaves. The flavours dance as they meet the sweet spice notes of the Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir.

  • Intriguing and seductive… the wine is as alluring as the view.

  • Crispy vine leaf fried haloumi with fig and fennel salad delivers a burst of delicious salty sweet flavour combined with a golden crunch.

  • Here, life’s pleasures abound – good food, great wine and close friends. Fun times.

  • The warmth of the glowing embers are reflected in their laughing eyes, as well as the ripe silky tannins of the Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir.

  • Sweet, but awash with the rich velvety flavour of cherries, the classic cherry tarte tatin with chocolate is a perfect pairing.

  • As the sun fades, a new amber glow brimming with warmth appears… and the sound of friendship rings through the air. #comesailaway

                                                                    In collaboration with #cloudybay 

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08 May 2017

exploring the olive groves
  • As the first hints of morning light filtered through the leaves, the donna hay team set out for a day of adventure. Rows upon rows of silvery olive trees awaited – what a perfect place to let time stand still and soak up the inspiration.

  • Hugging the curves of the Murray River, the sea of trees are loaded with perfect plump fruit, ready to inspire. Here lie endless possibilities for a marvellous feast at the day’s end.

  • Ever wished you could marinate your own olives? Or feta? Not only will you have amazing flavour-infused olives and feta, the leftover oil is perfect to toss through pasta, on salads or just to dunk your bread in.

  • Scones and blue cheese… who knew? These savoury green olive scones pair perfectly with the tang of blue cheese and a drizzle of honey. A taste sensation!

  • One of our favourite ingredients, Australian extra virgin olive oil, is of the highest quality, cold-pressed and rich in antioxidants.

  • Soaking in a sea of golden goodness… The tarragon and juniper olive oil confit trout is paired with a shaved fennel and herb salad.

  • The magic of olive oil? It is perfectly suited to baking or cooking as well as marinating or simply drizzling over crisp salad leaves.

  • After a rewarding day of harvest, picking, cooking and tasting, it’s time to retreat and indulge in blissful baked treats. The perfect end to a magical day.

                                            With special thanks to our friends at Cobram Estate

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21 April 2017

how to: cannelloni

Impress your dinner guests with this comforting traditional Italian dish. It’s so easy to make!

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12 April 2017

best ever: seafood

  • All-time favourite: seafood

    Looking for some seafood inspiration? From a classic fish pie to an impressive cured salmon or exotic fish curry - nothing beats the flavour and versatility of fresh fish.

  • Caramelised leek and broccoli fish pie

    This simple winter warmer is one to please the whole family and keep everyone coming back for more. Crispy on the top and soft in the middle, just the way a pie should be.

  • Dill and salt cured salmon

    Get in early with this 24-hour cure. Impress your guests or simply treat yourself with this simple, salty salmon.

  • Fresh turmeric coconut fish curry

    With an aromatic combination of turmeric and chilli, this full flavour coconut curry will have everyone complimenting the chef.

  • Salmon skewers with crab and chilli lime butter

    Ready to take your barbecue skills to the next level? Perfect for a sunny day, these salmon skewers will melt in your mouth and leave you asking yourself why you haven't tried this before.

  • Salmon green curry

    There's nothing dull about this green curry. Full of colour and flavour it's a seafood dish with an exotic twist.

  • Quinoa crumbed salmon with glazed carrots

    Keep it light and crispy with this quinoa-crumbed salmon. With a hint of paprika and honey it's the perfect omega-3 fix.

  • Roasted cauliflower caper and tuna spaghetti

    Put a spin on a timeless classic with an ultimate combination of tuna, cauliflower and capers. Abundant with flavour and texture, it's bound to be a new family favourite.

  • Tarragon crab cakes with aioli

    Spice up your classic crab cakes with fresh tarragon and you'll never look back. A little aioli on the side? What more could you want?

We’re talking all things seafood with these delicious favourites. Click on each photo for their amazing recipes.

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07 April 2017

  • From perfectly hand-crafted chocolate eggs and a rich, sparkling wine to the ultimate outdoor cooking kit - here's what the donna hay team are hoping the easter bunny will deliver next Sunday!








06 April 2017

how to: classic chicken laksa

Indulge in a warming bowl of comfort food, perfect for a crisp autumn’s night. ​

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14 March 2017


  • Go green... feel virtuous!

    We're celebrating St Patrick's Day with a feast of green. From snacks to salads and everything in between

  • Celeriac watercress pea and ham hock soup

    This ham hock soup is packed with vibrant, fresh vegetables and a simple nourishing broth.

  • Cucumber lime and mint popsicles

    You can beat the heat with these cucumber, lime and mint popsicles – cool, light and refreshing!

  • Pandan key lime icebox pie

    Feeling tropical? One slice of this zesty lime pie with its biscuity base and luscious pillowy ice-cream and you will be transported.

  • Ginger matcha latte doughnuts

    These beauties are baked, not fried! Ginger matcha latte doughnuts topped with a layer of shimmering green tea icing.

  • Kale and spinach omelette

    A quick and easy midweek meal that's brimming with the good stuff and even better, it works for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  • Matcha green tea ice-cream

    Crunchy waffle cone dipped in dreamy white chocolate and sprinkled with pistachios teamed with refreshing matcha ice-cream... heaven!

  • Super green rice paper rolls

    The perfect little roll of green goodness... ready for lunch. Betel leaves, green cabbage, snow peas, basil leaves, mint and avocado... yum!

  • Green smoothies

    Is there a better way to start the day? Whip up a smoothie brimming with good-for-you ingredients and superfoods.

  • Watercress and walnut pesto pasta salad

    Perfect for a busy weeknight, this watercress and walnut pesto salad is made almost entirely from pantry staples.

We’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day with a feast of green. From snacks to salads and everything in between. Click on each pic for their recipes.  

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28 February 2017

fresh + light: lunch rolls

  • Fresh + Light: rolled lunches

    ​From raw tuna tortilla to sweet potato omelette and smoked salmon avocado spinach rolls, your lunchtime fare has become a lot more exciting!

  • Raw tuna and avocado tortilla

    A virtuous spin on the Mexican classic that's super simple to make and is sure to go down a real treat!

  • Kimchi and green tea noodle sushi

    We've experimented with a few different ingredients – like kimchi, nori and green tea soba noodles – to make this Fresh + Light sushi dish.

  • Smoked salmon avocado and spinach rolls

    Salmon, avocado and spinach - the perfect combination for a light and wholesome lunch!

  • Quinoa sushi with chilli tofu and avocado

    Using protein-packed quinoa in place of rice gives this traditional sushi dish a deliciously Fresh + Light upgrade.

  • Sweet potato omelette

    Give your lunch a protein-packed and flavour-filled boost with this sweet potato and labne omelette.

  • Spicy tofu and green tea noodles rice paper rolls

    A light, yet satisfying lunch option bursting with flavour and freshness in the form of tofu and green tea noodle rice paper rolls.

  • Supergreen ricepaper rolls

    Fill your lunch with the good stuff – think betel leaves, green cabbage, snow peas, basil leaves, mint and avocado – and you'll soon start to feel good from the inside, out!

  • Turkey kimchi and quinoa rice paper rolls

    Try something a little different and add a layer of nutritious spinach leaves to your rice paper rounds. That's lunch, sorted!

Upgrade your lunch break with these clever rolled lunches. From amazing sushi to flavoursome tortillas and fresh rice paper rolls, they’re deliciously satisfying and so simple to make!

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20 February 2017

Fresh + Light: simple dinners

  • weeknight winners

    Stuck for dinner ideas? No problem. We've got your midweek meals sorted with these positively virtuous Fresh + Light recipes.

  • Brown rice and tofu teriyaki balls

    Try your hand at these meat-free meatballs, full of tofu, chickpeas and nutty brown rice. Add homemade teriyaki sauce and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds as the finishing touch.

  • Kale pumpkin and sage quinoa pasta

    Ever tried cooking with quinoa penne? It's naturally gluten-free! Toss it in the pot with some kale, pumpkin and chopped almonds for the perfect mid-week meal.

  • Portuguese chicken skewers

    Spice up your chicken skewers with a sprinkle of cayenne and smoked paprika, then add a burst of freshness with a dollop of coriander yoghurt sauce. So good!

  • Zucchini tuna pasta

    'Zoodles' (aka 'courgetti') are a lighter way to bulk up your noodle bowl. Just add some nuts for crunch and tuna for protein and you have yourself an all-round wholesome meal.

  • Quinoa and haloumi spring salad

    Go green with this light quinoa salad. Think fresh mint, creamy avocado and crunchy snap peas and cucumber. And let's not forget our favourite – lightly toasted haloumi.

  • Lentil veal and zucchini spelt pasta

    Try this virtuous take on spaghetti bolognese, with fresh zucchini, protein-packed lentils and wholemeal spelt spaghetti to add a mild, nutty flavour. Perfect!

  • Spiced turkey skewers

    Give your weeknight meals a boost by experimenting with new flavour combinations like these turkey mince skewers, flavoured with fragrant garlic, cumin and coriander - so good!

  • Nori prawn salad with broccolini

    Transform a simple prawn salad with a power boost! Nutritious nori flakes are a clever way to to season a salad, adding texture, colour and superfood power.

Simple and satisfying Fresh + Light weeknight meals. Click the images to see their recipes! 

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10 February 2017

We love: Flavour-infused ice cubes

If the temperature outside is soaring, don’t sweat: just drop a couple of these fruity jewels into a tall drink, put your feet up and watch the heat melt away.

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26 January 2017

Best ever: barbecue ideas

  • Best-ever barbecue!

    Everything you need for a super summer is crammed into our amazing best-of barbecue blog. Happy grilling!

  • Buttermilk jalapeno and coriander char-grilled steaks

    If you love juicy, succulent steak - buttermilk is your friend. This steak is marinated in buttermilk, lime, garlic, coriander and of course jalapenos!

  • Salmon skewers with crab and chilli lime butter

    Take your perfectly barbecued salmon skewers to new heights this summer with a generous drizzle of chilli lime butter.

  • Texan-style ribs with smoky barbecue sauce and grilled corn with lime and chilli butter

    I don't know anyone who doesn't love sticky barbecued ribs! These are cooked with smoky paprika and a delicious homemade barbecue sauce.

  • Char-grilled thai lamb cutlets with green bean salad

    Not only are these char-grilled lamb cutlets melt-in-your-mouth delicious, they're also super quick and easy to make – just 20 minutes and you're done!

  • Grilled rosemary and chilli pork skewers

    Gently infused with the flavour of rosemary, these show-stopping pork skewers are perfect if you're entertaining.

  • Char-grilled and chilli octopus noodle salad

    Barbecues don't stop at steak! Give this fresh and simple Mediterranean seafood dish pride of place on your table this summer.

  • Chorizo and prawn skewers with piri piri sauce

    Add a touch of spice to your barbecued prawns this weekend with chorizo slices and a smoky piri piri sauce.

  • Green peppercorn t-bone steaks with smoky barbecue relish

    This tender, green peppercorn t-bone steak, generously drizzled with homemade smoky barbecue relish is summer grill perfection!

  • Lime and tequila chicken with smoky chilli sauce

    Spice up your chicken with a fresh twist on a classic. Brined in zesty lime and tequila, with an irresistible smoky chilli sauce and peppy jalapenos, this is chicken at its best.

Click the images to see recipes and click below for Donna’s top tips for barbecue perfection! 

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21 January 2017

HOW TO: rustic free-form tart

We’ve got the perfect weekend baking project! The rustic folds of pastry house a medley of sweet summer fruits in this free-form tart, here’s how to make it…

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26 December 2016

Donna’s Sydney to Hobart adventure!
  • Skipper Aaron Rowe and his super-talented crew will guide the 80-footer across the Bass Strait. Aaron says he's hoping for bad weather - not sure I am!

  • I’m on board to make sure the crew is well fed, properly nourished and get us to Hobart as quickly as they can. We have to be ready for anything, sea sickness, bad weather… we need to be able to roll with it.

  • There’s only so much we can control, that’s where the snacks come in. Little and often is good. Potassium, protein and power-packed snacks will help to keep the crew strong and energised throughout the race.

  • No running water, no kitchen and no light to speak of… I mean, seriously - I’m wearing a headlamp! Who’d have thought I would ever be ocean racing, cooking for 16 big blokes while sporting a headlamp! Not me, that’s for sure!

  • What goes through your head when you’re sailing offshore? Where’s the opposition? How fast are we going? What’s happening with the weather? And what we are going to have for dinner?

  • I’ve been testing and cooking for weeks now. Green chicken curry and rice works well in a vac-pack, as does slow-cooked beef brisket. Bacon and egg pies are a winner. The boys have requested schnitzel and lamb chops. Nobody’s going hungry

  • There’s a sailing proverb, “One hand for yourself, and one for the ship” it’s actually about safety, to hold on as you work - but it's also for eating. I think we can still get everyone fed - with one hand!

  • Sailing offshore is all about the people, they are the engine driving the boat. They make the decisions, trim the sails and ooze the energy to win. And that engine (or 17) needs good fuel to function at its peak, to be on top of its game.

It’s been a big year. Massive. TV series, new book, European tour, two magazines to oversee. So when the offer came to join the Beau Geste crew to sail the Sydney to Hobart (my dream) what could I say?

                                    With special thanks to our friends from Cloudy Bay #comesailaway

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