Cooking sweets with…eggs

  • Cooking sweets with eggs

    Some of the best desserts begin with the humble egg. Beaten into a soft meringue or folded gently to create fluffy souffle - this incognito hero is the star of the show. Click through for some sweet inspiration.

  • Swiss roll with marscarpone and praline

    Mascarpone and praline add serious oomph to this beautiful swiss roll. So fluffy and light, it makes the perfect treat with a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Classic lemon cheesecake

    A superb lemon rendition on the classic cheesecake - creamy, sweet, fresh and tart all in one slice!

  • Coffee creme caramels

    If you're torn between coffee or dessert, treat yourself to one of these delicate, coffee creme caramels.

  • Simple passionfruit souffles

    Soft, fluffy and totally divine, these simple passionfruit souffles will become part of your quick-fix dessert repertoire in no time!

  • Basic pavlova

    Get creative with these individual pavlovas - top with fresh fruit, edible flowers, perfectly whipped cream or mascarpone. Too good!

  • Ricotta pancakes with maple butter

    This heavenly recipe for ricotta pancakes with maple butter are a surefire way to get the family up in the morning!

  • Individual lemon meringue cheesecakes

    Zesty and sweet, these individual lemon meringue cheesecakes are too good to share!

  • Blueberry and raspberry bread and butter pudding

    Nothing says comfort like a bread and butter pudding but this blueberry and raspberry version takes it to a whole new level.

  • Vanilla custard slice

    This pretty vanilla custard slice is wonderfully creamy yet idyllically light - a dose of nostalgia guaranteed!




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