16 December 2022

beautiful christmas styling tips and tricks

The festive season is a special time of year. Let me show you my simple tips for styling your home, table and gifts using earth friendly and garden foraged decorative touches. Watch all of these tips come to life in my new series, donna hay christmas, now streaming exclusively on Disney+ D.x 

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26 March 2021

how to: better-for-you-hot cross buns

With Easter around the corner, look no further than my better-for-you twist on everyones favourite hot cross buns. So simple and so yum, follow this step-by-step to bake the perfect batch this year. D.x

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11 February 2021

how to: chocolate heart cakes

Whether it’s your chosen valentine, galentine or palentine, this better-for-you chocolate cake is the answer to everyone’s heart. What’s more, you can personalise this delicious treat with printable gift cards too!

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02 October 2019

how to: pineapple and chipotle pulled pork sliders

​Moreish brioche slider buns filled with pineapple and chipotle pulled pork are your new go-to come weekend entertaining! Absolutely delicious. Click the steps for full recipe!

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19 August 2019

how to: potato gnocchi

These fluffy little morsels can seem daunting at first but this easy, step-by-step guide will make you a pro in no time!

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22 July 2019

how to: self-saucing caramel pudding

Self-saucing puddings are surely one of winter’s great treats! So prepare to get cosy with this decadent self-saucing caramel pudding. Follow the steps to make your own and then sit back and soak up the compliments - it’s that good! 

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30 April 2019

how to: chicken and coconut rice paper rolls

​Infinitely customizable and so easy to make, we call on these chicken and coconut rice paper rolls for days where we want to eat something fresh and light but still abundant in texture and flavour. Follow the steps to make your own! 

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03 April 2019

how to: brined roast chicken

There are few things as comforting as a succulent roast chicken, but brining can take it to a whole new level. Follow our simple step-by-step so you can serve up a perfectly juicy and tender chicken yourself. Click the steps to reveal the full recipe!

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01 February 2019

re-style: crispy salmon with dill pickled onions

Endlessly versatile, this fabulous crispy salmon can be transformed into a multitude of quick and easy meals perfect or any occasion.

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04 January 2019

re-style: lime and tequila fish tacos

​If you couldn’t love tacos anymore, my lime and tequila fish tacos also can be tweaked with a few simple tricks.

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12 December 2018

re-style: lemongrass chicken salad

​Whether you’re serving for friends or taking something for lunch, this lemongrass chicken salad gives you plenty of options.

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29 March 2018

how to: hot cross buns

​A warm, fresh-from-the-oven hot cross bun is always a welcomed sight come Easter time. Follow our simple step-by-step recipe to bake the perfect batch this year! Click on the steps to reveal the full recipe.

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25 November 2017

How to: Christmas pudding

Historically, parents would teach their children how to make Christmas pudding, so get the kids involved and start a new tradition of you own.

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28 October 2017

weekend baker: apple pie

Planning on staying in this weekend? One warming slice of this apple pie will take you to heaven. We made our own pastry crust in a few easy steps too!

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05 August 2017

how to: homemade sauerkraut

Fermentation is one of the oldest techniques for preserving food and you get to enjoy the tasty results in less than a week. Tangy and refreshing, a forkful of sauerkraut will uplift any dish. Bottle a batch yourself before using it in a range of zesty meals. 

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28 July 2017

how to: coconut raspberry slice

A winning combination of nostalgic flavours, this classic homemade dessert is an instant crowd-pleaser!

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21 April 2017

how to: cannelloni

Impress your dinner guests with this comforting traditional Italian dish. It’s so easy to make!

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06 April 2017

how to: classic chicken laksa

Indulge in a warming bowl of comfort food, perfect for a crisp autumn’s night. ​

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10 February 2017

How to: cocktail popsicles

​Put an icy-cool twist on happy hour by freezing your favourite drinks into sophisticated popsicles!

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21 January 2017

HOW TO: rustic free-form tart

We’ve got the perfect weekend baking project! The rustic folds of pastry house a medley of sweet summer fruits in this free-form tart, here’s how to make it…

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14 December 2016

How to: fruit mince pies

​Christmas isn’t Christmas without mince pies… these fruity little treats are festive baking at its best!

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09 December 2016

How to: shortbread and raspberry slice

Buttery shortbread teamed with fruit-filled raspberry jam… this festive-looking slice is simple and seriously tasty!

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30 November 2016

How to: easy passionfruit tart

​This fresh and flavourful dessert is an instant crowd-pleaser and ideal for sunny days.

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12 November 2016


Add a zesty tang to your favourite desserts with homemade lemon curd. This simple recipe is perfect on ice-cream, cakes or swirled through a vanilla cream to top a crispy meringue.

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21 October 2016

How to: spicy chicken satay skewers

​Whether you like them tongue-tingling spicy or satisfyingly mild, skewers of chicken satay are a firm favourite for the barbecue or grill – and now, they’re super easy to make!

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30 April 2016

how to: flatbread

​These soft and smoky homemade flatbreads are definitely worth the extra effort. Irresistible when served warm and fresh from the grill, simply add your favourite dips, salads and barbecued meats!

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