20 February 2019

Cooking with…salmon

  • cooking with salmon

    Omega-rich salmon with its subtle and refreshing taste is the perfect canvas for creative and versatile flavours. Scroll through this collection of our favourite recipes.

  • Crispy salmon with creamy israeli cous cous

    The fusion of crispy salmon with creamy Israeli cous cous make this easy weeknight favourite seriously delicious and comforting.

  • Thai coconut soup with salmon and en choy

    This fragrant Thai salmon broth has a fresh and vibrant flavour thanks to lemongrass, kaffir lime and coriander root - perfect as a light lunch or dinner.

  • Cumin coriander and chia-crusted salmon with buckwheat salad

    This perfectly simple salad is transformed by the addition of salmon fillet adorned with a coriander, cumin and chia crumb - perfection.

  • Salmon and brown rice salad

    The easy pairing of sesame oil, soy sauce, and mirin in this salmon and brown rice salad recipe makes for a perfect mid week dinner.

  • Miso and ginger salmon skewers

    Super versatile miso has a distinctive flavour and makes a wonderful marinate for these tender salmon skewers.

  • Salmon dill and potato cakes

    A simple but nutritious family favourite, salmon fishcakes are big on flavour yet quick and easy to prepare. Perfectly crisp on the outside, light and fluffy in the middle.

  • Salmon green curry

    Short on time? Make the curry paste ahead and you have a lightning-fast midweek meal - serve it with ginger brown rice or coconut quinoa.

  • Smoked paprika and green olive salmon

    Super-simple to make (and delicious to eat!) these sweet little paprika, green olive and salmon parcels lock in the flavour as they cook.

  • Spicy tamarind salmon with bok choy and almonds

    A bed of vibrant bok choy makes the perfect base for this salmon fillet infused with with sweet, spicy tamarind and a healthy dose of chilli.

Whether it’s pan-fried to crispy perfection, fragrantly smoked, grilled or poached in a delicate broth, here are some delicious ways to enjoy salmon.

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07 February 2019

cooking with cucumber

  • cooking with cucumber

    Cool, crisp cucumbers add freshness and crunch to our favourite summer salads and treats. Click on each image to access the recipe.

  • Beef eye fillet steaks with apple and cucumber salad

    Simple and refreshing - a simple green apple and cucumber salad finished with a creamy dill dressing is the perfect partner to this beef eye fillet.

  • Dukkah-crusted salmonn with cucumber and chilli salad

    Possibly the best-ever weeknight meal... dukkah-crusted salmon teams up with a perfectly refreshing cucumber and chilli salad.

  • Sumac chicken with broad beans cucumber and feta

    The sumac adds a lemony, peppery flavour to the chicken to make this simple salad super impressive.

  • Salmon gravlax pasta salad with cucumber dressing

    This simple pasta salad features not one but two varieties of perfectly fresh and vibrant cucumbers. Bookmark it now - it will be your new weeknight favourite.

  • Mediterranean cucumber salad

    Put a fresh spin on your favourite mediterranean salad with delicate green cucumber spirals, warm chunks of haloumi finished with a cashew and basil dressing.

  • Spicy cucumber and tuna wraps

    Keeping it light? Trade your wrap for long lean green strips of cucumber, then fill with all your favourite flavours - so yum!

  • Cucumber lime and mint popsicles

    Say hello to your new summer favourite! Super refreshing and deliciously zesty, these stunning frosty popsicles are the coolest treats.

  • Cucumber mint and apple granita

    For an uplifting treat, combine mint, apple and cucumber to make a revitalising granita. Our new summer go-to!

15 January 2019

Cooking with… tomatoes

  • cooking with tomatoes

    Plump, glossy tomatoes entice us with their robust flavour and perfect sweetness in the summer months. Here's a collection of our favourite tomato recipes.

  • fresh tomato kale caperberry pasta

    Fresh ricotta and the addition of caperberries turn a simple pasta into an impressive dish.

  • lamb kofta with pomegranate and tomato salad

    Moroccan flavours, vibrant greens and fresh cherry tomatoes will make this salad the centre of attention.

  • honey wood smoked salmon with quick pickled tomato

    The subtle smoked flavour of the salmon is perfectly paired with quick pickled tomatoes.

  • char-grilled tomato skewers with dill pesto and buffalo mozzarella bruschetta

    Bursting with fresh flavours these colourful beauties team perfectly with dill pesto and mozzarella.

  • braised chilli and tomato eggplant

    A touch of chilli adds depth to the big bold Mediterranean flavours of this braise.

  • tray-baked tomato onion and currant relish

    Perfect as a side or condiment, pink peppercorns and currants add spice and sweetness to the tomatoes.

Endlessly versatile and bursting with flavour - here are some of our favourite recipes to make with tomatoes.

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28 December 2018

Cooking with… mangoes

  • cooking with mangoes

    Juicy and satisfying, these blushing beauties are one of the most iconic fruits of the season, lending tropical sweetness to fresh summer dishes.

  • Mango passionfruit smoothie bowl

  • Mango and herb salad with sesame ginger dressing

  • Mango coconut and chilli salsa

  • Grilled mango with frozen vanilla yoghurt

A sign of summer, here are some easy ways to enjoy mangoes.

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02 November 2018

cooking with… broccoli

A family favourite you’ll find in almost every fridge, broccoli is given the spotlight for inventive ways to make it exciting each and every night.

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23 October 2018

Simple Chicken Dinners

  • Simply Chicken

    Simple weeknight dinners: here are some of my favourite recipes to keep you inspired using my go-to protein - chicken!

  • Quinoa chicken and kale fritters

    Quinoa, chicken, kale and feta - what a winning combination. These fritters are packed with flavour and great option for busy weeknights.

  • Coconut poached chicken salad

    This is simply the best way to perfectly cook chicken breast, every time. Plus the poaching liquid is used for the dressing, if you like it spicy add a dash of chilli.

  • Buttermilk not-fried chicken with zucchini slaw

    All the flavour and crunch of fried chicken, but without the mess. These flavour packed thighs are oven-baked and so easy to make.

  • Miso grilled chicken skewers

    An easy marinade to whip up for a weekend bbq or outdoor entertaining. I'm certain this recipe will quickly become a favourite.

  • Ginger chicken rice bowls

    The secret is in the nutty crunchy coating on the chicken, which pairs perfectly with the big flavours found in the ginger coriander dressing.

  • Speedy salt pepper and chilli roasted chicken

    An amazingly flavoured roast chicken in a fraction of the time, using some of my favourite pantry staples.

​Chicken is such a versatile base ingredient that is so easy to add fresh flavours to and make something really tasty. Here are six of my favourite go-to chicken recipes thanks to Lilydale Free Range.

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20 April 2018

cooking with…beetroot

  • Cooking with beetroot

    Beetroots are incredibly simple to cook with, versatile and nourishing. This vegetable has added flavour to a range of our recipes!

  • Beef and beetroot curry

    Beetroot perfectly compliments the tender beef in this sensational curry.

  • Beetroot and feta burger

    Tasty and healthy, these beetroot and feta burgers are perfect for a quick dinner!

  • Roasted heirloom beetroot kale and goats cheese quiche

    You'll win over any dinner party with this delightful and impressive quiche!

  • Red velvet cupcakes with creamy ricotta icing

    Who doesn't love red velvet cupcakes? Top these treats with beetroot chips for a unique finish.

  • Roast beef fillet with raw beetroot salad

    Shake up your roast beef dish with an exotic raw beetroot salad on the side!

  • Beetroot red cabbage and caraway sauerkraut

    Our fascinating take on sauerkraut will boost any dish!

  • Roast spicy chicken with beetroot lentils and herbed yoghurt

    Looking to spice up a simple roast chicken? This recipe will take it to the next level.

  • Beetroot cashew and orange smoothie popsicle

    Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with these refreshing, healthy popsicles.

Beetroots pop with delicious flavours, vibrant colour and contain tremendous health benefits! We have collated some of our favourite recipes that incorporate the beetroots rustic charm. 

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29 January 2018

cooking with…coconut

  • Cooking with coconut

    We love coconuts! Take a look at the wide range of dishes you can create with this amazingly fragrant ingredient.

  • Coconut salmon with coconut-lime dressing

    Fresh and aromatic, this colourful weeknight dish is quick to prepare and super yummy!

  • Coconut caramel slice

    A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this combination of coconut, chocolate and caramel is hard to resist!

  • Coconut and blueberry overnight oats

    Kick start your day with this energising (and easy to prepare), fruity breakfast bowl.

  • Coconut lime and coriander poached chicken salad

    This gorgeous, aromatic chicken salad is just the ticket on a warm summer's night.

  • Blueberry and coconut scones

    Last minute invitation to morning tea? No problem, take along a batch of these delicious blueberry and coconut scones.

  • Korma and coconut chicken skewers

    When you're short on time but looking for something big on flavour, these chicken skewers are the perfect go-to weeknight meal.

  • Mixed berry smoothie bowl

    Sweet, creamy and colourful, this show-stopping bowl is packed with essential fibre, vitamins and minerals.

  • Lychee and coconut granita

    Coconut milk and fresh lychees make for an amazing rich-sweet balance. Served in coconut halves, it's a dreamy summer dessert.

What’s not to love about coconuts! From aromatic main meals, pretty breakfast bowls to dreamy summery desserts, the humble coconut is far more versatile than you think! 

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10 August 2017

cooking with… eggplant

  • Cooking with... eggplant

    Roasted, charred, baked or mashed, the eggplant is extremely versatile and adds a subtle but flavoursome taste to any dish! Click on the photos for each recipe.

  • Eggplant varieties

    Want to learn all about the different types of eggplants you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Three-cheese eggplant involtini

    Perfect for sharing, this super easy three-cheese eggplant involtini is a definite crowd-pleaser!

  • Tamarind and chilli braised brisket and eggplants

    Flavoursome and tender, add some savoury zing to your dinner with this tamarind and chilli braised brisket with eggplants recipe.

  • Ginger and miso glazed eggplants

    Bring the flavours of of Japan to your dinner table with this delicious eggplant recipe.

  • Smoky eggplant, lamb sausage, potato pizza

    This delicious pizza recipe is so easy to make, it will be on weekly rotation in no time!

  • Sweet potato, eggplant and cauliflower bechamel lasagne

    Liven up your weeknights with this classic heartwarming recipe with a vegetarian twist.

  • Crispy eggplant and pesto burger

    The classic burger just got a makeover! Perfect for lunches, this crispy eggplant and pesto burger is so quick and simple to make.

  • Eggplant schnitzels with creamy mash and burnt butter

    If you're looking for nourishing vegetarian comfort food, this crispy eggplant schnitzel with creamy mash is the perfect dish for a cosy night in.

  • Creamy tomato, burrata and eggplant pasta

    Topped with creamy burrata, this pasta recipe is hearty and oh-so-delicious!

​From beautifully glossy globes in hues of rich autumnal violet to the delightful petite pea-green variety, we celebrate eggplants in all shapes and sizes with these warming recipes.

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21 June 2017

cooking with… sage

  • Cooking with… sage

    This humble ingredient may be small in size, but it makes a mighty big difference to balancing out a dish and making it just right. Click on the photos for each recipe.

  • Sage varieties

    Want to learn all about the different types of sage you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Broccoli bacon and crispy sage orecchiette

    A quick and easy pasta dish using only a handful of key ingredients, this recipe makes the perfect midweek meal.

  • Chicken sage smoked mozzarella cannelloni

    This warm cheesy comfort food dish will be on high rotation for family dinners in the winter months.

  • Garlic sage and blue cheese twisted loaf

    Add a bit of colour to your garlic bread… with some green sage and blue cheese! Perfect for entertaining.

  • Maple-glazed meatloaf with crispy sage and pancetta

    We’ve given meatloaf a makeover! Wrapped in sweet sticky maple-glazed pancetta to really bring out those glorious flavors.

  • Pork and lemon ragu with crispy sage

    Slow-cooked to perfection, this tender pork ragu is perfect served bread or pasta. Comfort food at its best!

  • Roast chicken with marsala sage mushroom and creamy semolina

    This roast chicken breast, topped with creamy semolina sauce, is the perfect balance of flavours.

  • Sage and fennel roasted pork with cider apples

    Full of big flavours, this sage and fennel roasted pork goes perfectly with the cider apples.

With its soft and delicate leaves in shades of silvery green, with splashes of purple and cream, sage is favoured for its elegance in both beauty and flavour. Offering a slightly sweet, peppery aroma to balance rich, robust dishes, this earthy herb adds strength and warmth to rustic breads, pastas and roasted meats. Click ‘read more’ to learn about the different varieties of sage you can find. 

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26 August 2016

cooking with: hummus

​Who doesn’t love hummus? The irresistibly smooth and creamy mix is perfect dipping fodder to serve with drinks or as a snack. But with a few clever shortcuts your hummus will be ready to party!

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18 May 2016

cooking with… chorizo

  • Favourite Ingredient: Chorizo

    Vibrant in shades of rich reds and kicking with smoky spice, chorizo is no wallflower pork sausage. In our winter issue of donna hay magazine, we use its signature sizzle in a variety of dishes sure to impress – here are our top picks.

  • smoky chorizo, haloumi and spinach breakfast waffles

    Start the day with this amazing breakfast waffle sandwich, with spicy chorizo, salty haloumi and a gooey fried egg.

  • chorizo meatball, ricotta and oregano lasagne

    This one-pan lasagne is ultimate comfort food, fragrant with the earthy aroma of fresh oregano.

  • chorizo bolognese with buffalo mozzarella

    One of our all-time favourite pasta dishes, we've used smoky chorizo meat and creamy buffalo mozzarella to spice up a traditional bolognese.

  • tomato, basil, olive and chorizo tarts

    Quick, easy and full of flavour, these chorizo tarts make a perfect appetiser at dinner parties or picnics.

  • chorizo and prawn skewers with piri piri sauce

    A great idea for summer barbecues, this prawn and chorizo combo is taken to another level with fiery piri piri sauce.

  • chorizo and bean nachos

    Settle in for a night on the couch with our chorizo and bean nachos.

  • chorizo pan lasagne

    A one-pan dinner that's perfect for weeknight meals, this chorizo pan lasagne is sure to be a hit with the family.

  • chickpea and chorizo pot pies

    Super fast and perfect for individual guests, these little chickpea and chorizo pot pies are so easy to make.

  • tomato, chorizo and goat's curd frittata

    You can add any cheese you like to this simple chorizo frittata, I like the tang of fresh goat's curd.

  • oven-roasted chorizo with pedro ximénez

    This recipe is from the winter issue #87 of donna hay magazine, and makes the most of flavoursome chorizo in this simple tray bake to feed a crowd!




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