cooking with…pears

  • Cooking with pears

    Sweet and versatile, pears are perfect for making delicious Autumnal dishes, from impressive upside-down cakes to a mouth-watering tarte tatin!

  • Upside-down chocolate hazelnut and pear cake

    This super impressive upside-down cake combines chocolate, nuts and pears - perfect for special occasions.

  • Almond and pear tarts

    The combination of almond meal, sweet pears and buttery puff pastry is a match made in heaven!

  • Crispy pork belly with cider pickled pears

    Set aside a weekend and plan a feast for friends or family with this amazing crispy pork belly roast.

  • Pear and gingerbread cobbler

    Rustic and simple to prepare, this cobbler is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser (and even better with a big dollop of fresh cream!)

  • Bluecheese onion pear pizza

    For a light but super tasty twist on a classic, these pear pizzas tick all the boxes.

  • Pear maple and pecan tarte tatin

    The silence when your guests take their first mouthful of this incredibly delicious tarte tatin will be deafening!

  • Pearfection!

    Make the most of this seasonal fruit and the wonderful aromas that fill your home when cooking with it.

As we leave summer behind and move into the cooler months, beautiful, crisp pears become the hero of many dishes. Here are just some of our favourite pear recipes. 




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