13 August 2021

Baking project inspiration

  • There’s nothing a bit of meditative baking can’t fix. Whether you’re a seasoned baker looking for a challenge or just want to dip your toes into a small baking project, we’ve put together a few recipes to keep you inspired!


    CHEAT'S APPLE TARTE TARTIN If you want to look like you’ve pulled off a great baking feat without doing much at all, this cheat’s maple apple tarte tatin is for you.


    MISO-GLAZED DOUGHNUTS These miso-glazed doughnuts are so incredibly delicious, especially when they’re eaten slightly warm.


    SIMPLE RASPBERRY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE MUFFINS Delicious, fool-proof and easily customisable, you can’t go wrong with a simple muffin recipe.


    CHOCOLATE VANILLA BRULEE CHEESECAKE An absolute favourite in the DH studio, this cheesecake is made super special with a crispy brûléed top.


    BANANA BREAD WITH RASPBERRIES AND COCONUT You can’t go past Banana bread when looking for something easy and satisfying. This variation with raspberries and coconut is just delightful!


    CINNAMON CHURROS DOUGHNUTS WITH STICKY MAPLE SYRUP When churros met doughnuts, there was no turning back. The ultimate dessert!

Up for a baking challenge, or just want something quick, delicious and satisfying? Swipe through some of the recipes above to find your perfect baking project!

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11 February 2021

how to: chocolate heart cakes

Whether it’s your chosen valentine, galentine or palentine, this better-for-you chocolate cake is the answer to everyone’s heart. What’s more, you can personalise this delicious treat with printable gift cards too!

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26 August 2018

weekend baker: the prettiest melting moments

Melting moments are the ultimate afternoon-tea treat – so dainty and sweet, they are also incredibly easy to make and, when presented on a pretty cake stand or plate, are bound to impress at your next gathering.

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17 August 2018

Sweet something…

  • From rich, chocolate espresso cake to shimmering brown sugar meringues or one of our favourite salty sweet cookies, there's something special here for everyone. Click each image for the recipe.

  • Apple and coconut caramel cobbler

    Simple to make and even easier to eat, this beautiful rustic apple and coconut cobbler uses coconut sugar to add a subtle caramel flavour... so good!

  • Brown sugar meringues with chocolate swirl cream and sugar bark

    Looking for a unique twist on meringue? Swap the standard white caster sugar for raw caster and dark brown sugar to add richness and a golden glow to these pillowy treats.

  • Chocolate espresso syrup cake

    Coffee, chocolate and rich dark muscovado sugar come together in this decadent chocolate espresso syrup cake. The finishing touch? A drizzle of delicious espresso syrup.

  • Cinnamon and vanilla oven-roasted granola

    Make this feel-good granola the perfect start to your morning! The unrefined rapadura sugar adds a delicate caramel flavour to this nutritious mix of nuts and seeds.

  • Quinoa and blueberry power bars

    The perfect portable snack or breakfast on the go... These blueberry power bars are made with quinoa, blueberries and low GI cane sugar.

  • Salted caramel choc-chip cookies

    Donna's perfectly salty sweet cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Tasty salted caramel and choc-chip are a winning combination.

Looking to impress your dinner party guests, satisfy your sweet craving or grab breakfast on the go? We’ve got you sorted with this collection of sweet treats

                                                                  In collaboration with CSR Sugar 

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04 July 2018

weekend baker: easiest melt-and-mix desserts

  • weekend baker: easiest melt-and-mix desserts

    I’m all for no-fuss treats, especially when I'm short on prep time! Stirring together a few favourite ingredients all in one bowl can sometimes be all it takes to bake the most beautiful desserts!

  • chocolate and maple banana cake

    In our latest Fast issue, we've come up with the fudgiest chocolate cakes that you can simply stir in a bowl and bake! Sweetened with maple syrup and ripe bananas, this beautiful treat is so easy to master!

  • blueberry and yoghurt loaf

    A gorgeous classic that never goes out of style, this simple yoghurt and blueberry loaf is basically no-fail, and a great recipe to make with the kids!

  • spiced chai bundt cake

    Adding the flavour of chai to a simple cake mixture elevates it to a guest-worthy treat! I love serving this cake for afternoon tea.

  • rum and raisin chocolate brownies

    The smell of brownies wafting from the kitchen is one of my favourite things. This recipe has the extra indulgence of rum and raisins – yum!

  • one-bowl banana cake

    This is seriously the most easiest cake you'll ever make! Melt and mix cakes sometimes mean you get a crack on the top, just drizzle with icing to cover it up!

  • coffee and brown sugar tray cake

    This classic tray cake is swirled with strong black coffee to balance the crumbly and sweet caramelised brown sugar topping – it’s perfect for morning tea!

  • lemon and yoghurt cake

    One of my favourite cakes to make when I have guests over, I just love the citrus tang of this lemon and yoghurt cake. It looks so beautiful, but it's so easy to make!

  • sticky ginger puddings

    These individual puddings are a great winter warmer – it’s so satisfying to dig into the sponge layer to discover the saucy goodness underneath.

  • date doughnuts with spiced sugar

    I love the addition of soft, fresh dates to these light-as-air baked doughnuts – they create a deeper, satisfying sweetness.

  • salted dark chocolate layer cake with milk chocolate ganache

    I absolutely love the combination of salty and sweet, and this beautiful layer cake from our latest Fast issue is filled with a cheat's ganache and finished off with a sprinkling of salt.

  • Caramel and cardamom kisses

06 January 2018

Our favourite: Frozen desserts

Summer entertaining just got a whole lot cooler… Escape the heat these holidays with one of these mouthwatering frozen desserts.

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20 December 2017

Our favourite: Festive gingerbread

​Deck the halls with our picture-perfect gingerbread decorations — from Christmas tree ornaments to wreaths and table arrangements, these scrumptious treats will have you feeling festive in no time!

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28 October 2017

weekend baker: apple pie

Planning on staying in this weekend? One warming slice of this apple pie will take you to heaven. We made our own pastry crust in a few easy steps too!

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28 July 2017

how to: coconut raspberry slice

A winning combination of nostalgic flavours, this classic homemade dessert is an instant crowd-pleaser!

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22 June 2017

weekend baker: handmade cake boxes

Entertaining this weekend? These handmade cake boxes will make the perfect takeaway gift for your guests. We used 225gsm cardboard and attached name tags with tiny wooden pegs to add a personal touch. Cute and practical!

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23 May 2017

best ever: gluten-free cakes

  • all-time favourite: gluten-free cakes

    Using a clever combination of nuts, buckwheat flour or coconut, you'll see how seriously simple it is to side-step gluten. We definitely don't miss it in this wholesome selection of flourless delights.

  • Raw caramel slice

    Forget baking! Keep your cool with this refrigerated raw caramel slice.

  • Carrot and coconut cake with ricotta icing

    Who needs flour? This fluffy carrot and coconut cake has a delicious crumb and perfect texture. Filled with creamy ricotta icing for a flour-free take on an old classic.

  • Coconut cake

    Whether you're after a celebration cake, afternoon tea or indulgent dessert, this coconut cake will hit the spot.

  • Zucchini ricotta pistachio and chia cake

    This wholesome zucchini ricotta pistachio and chia cake uses buckwheat flour and almond meal as a gluten-free substitute; nourishing and seriously yummy.

  • Flourless cacao fudge cake

    With only five ingredients this flourless cacao fudge cake is nothing short of full chocolate flavour.

  • Lime and pistachio cake

    Packed with fragrant pistachios and a hint of lime this cake has a distinct Middle Eastern undertone.

  • Flourless chocolate fudge layer cake

    No gluten? No problem! You can still treat yourself with this decadent chocolate fudge layer cake.

  • Mandarin and polenta syrup cake

    Using an almond meal and polenta substitute this mandarin syrup cake is a vitamin-rich citrus delight perfect for any occasion.

These gorgeous cakes are full of nourishing goodness and free of flour! With rich flavour to satisfy every sweet tooth; whether or not you’re gluten-free, you have to give them a try! Click on each photo for their amazing recipes.

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21 January 2017

HOW TO: rustic free-form tart

We’ve got the perfect weekend baking project! The rustic folds of pastry house a medley of sweet summer fruits in this free-form tart, here’s how to make it…

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04 August 2016

weekend baker: top five homemade breads

  • weekend baker: top five homemade breads

    I just love the smell of freshly baked bread – it's always better made at home! From seriously simple no-knead rolls to cheesy flatbreads and loaves, a big pumpkin bread or rosemary-infused crunchy knots, these will get you baking!

  • no-knead bread rolls

    This is the no-fuss way to make bread. The secret behind the no-knead process is all about fermentation. Giving it time to rise, instead of kneading it, lets the yeast work wonders. The result? Lovely, airy-textured bread.

  • garlic, sage and blue cheese twisted loaf

    The soft blue cheese mixed in with the garlic and sage offers a punch of flavour you and the family will love. The perfect accompaniment to pizza on a night in.

  • blackcurrant, brussels sprout and cheese flatbread

    Bread doesn't need to be bland. Bring your loaf to life by experimenting with various colours and ingredients. It'll look just like a work art, you almost won't want to eat it!

  • pumpkin, speck and fennel no-knead loaf

    I absolutely adore the unique flavour the pumpkin and speck add to this rustic loaf. It takes me back to the countryside every time I make it.

  • rosemary and provolone seeded knots

    Making these knots takes only a flick of the wrist. Simple, quick and elegant it's like a present for your tastebuds!

24 July 2016

weekend baker: sticky cinnamon buns

Whether you call them cinnamon scrolls or sticky buns, this pull-apart treat is a favourite treat the world over. They’re surprisingly easy to make and the end results are seriously delicious.

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07 July 2016

weekend baker: easy lattice pie crust

A beautiful pie crust is simpler than you may think! Follow these simple steps and find out my top tips for complete pie perfection.

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