weekend baker: easy lattice pie crust

A beautiful pie crust is simpler than you may think! Follow these simple steps and find out my top tips for complete pie perfection.

I love the process of baking a homemade pie. Rolling the pastry, stewing the fruit and creating the perfect, flaky crust – I find it so relaxing! A lot of people ask me how to achieve that coveted lattice crust and it really isn’t that difficult! Here’s how I do it:


Once your pastry is rolled out evenly, cut one sheet into a mix of wide and thin strips. Starting with a wide strip, top your pie with half the pastry strips, alternating between wide and thin.

Step 2

Fold back every other wide pastry strip and neighbouring thin strip. Lay down one wide pastry strip and one thin strip in the opposite direction, then fold the pastry back over the top.

Step 3

Alternate the strips you’ve folded back and repeat the process of laying down the pastry strips in the opposite direction and folding back over to create the woven lattice pattern.

Cook’s tips:

+ For pastry perfection, be careful not to overwork your mixture or your pastry will become tough; ensure you allow it to rest in the fridge as directed to prevent too much shrinkage during baking.
+ When cutting pastry strips for your lattice, try using a metal ruler to ensure you get neat, clean and even cuts.
+ It’s important to place the pie dish on a large baking tray in case the filling bubbles over while cooking.
+ If the pastry becomes too dark as the pie is cooking, loosely cover the edges with aluminium foil.

Click here to find the full recipe for my apricot lattice pie




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