cooking with… sage

  • Cooking with… sage

    This humble ingredient may be small in size, but it makes a mighty big difference to balancing out a dish and making it just right. Click on the photos for each recipe.

  • Sage varieties

    Want to learn all about the different types of sage you can cook with? Click 'read more' below.

  • Broccoli bacon and crispy sage orecchiette

    A quick and easy pasta dish using only a handful of key ingredients, this recipe makes the perfect midweek meal.

  • Chicken sage smoked mozzarella cannelloni

    This warm cheesy comfort food dish will be on high rotation for family dinners in the winter months.

  • Garlic sage and blue cheese twisted loaf

    Add a bit of colour to your garlic bread… with some green sage and blue cheese! Perfect for entertaining.

  • Maple-glazed meatloaf with crispy sage and pancetta

    We’ve given meatloaf a makeover! Wrapped in sweet sticky maple-glazed pancetta to really bring out those glorious flavors.

  • Pork and lemon ragu with crispy sage

    Slow-cooked to perfection, this tender pork ragu is perfect served bread or pasta. Comfort food at its best!

  • Roast chicken with marsala sage mushroom and creamy semolina

    This roast chicken breast, topped with creamy semolina sauce, is the perfect balance of flavours.

  • Sage and fennel roasted pork with cider apples

    Full of big flavours, this sage and fennel roasted pork goes perfectly with the cider apples.

With its soft and delicate leaves in shades of silvery green, with splashes of purple and cream, sage is favoured for its elegance in both beauty and flavour. Offering a slightly sweet, peppery aroma to balance rich, robust dishes, this earthy herb adds strength and warmth to rustic breads, pastas and roasted meats. Click ‘read more’ to learn about the different varieties of sage you can find. 



This delicate variegated variety takes on a white and green colour with a reddish-purple blush seeping in from the stem. It makes a unique garnish and a colourful splash to a burnt butter sauce, and has a slightly sweeter flavour than regular garden sage. 


Also known as common sage, this popular garden variety originated in the dry, arid regions of the Mediterranean and is a hardy, culinary herb that will survive with little watering. With a strong, peppery flavour, it’s the perfect partner for your favourite chicken recipes. 


The large oval leaves of berggarten sage begin bright green in colour, and grow to a silvery grey-blue as they age. Berggarten sage is a popular culinary herb and offers a more robust flavour than garden sage, perfect for stuffings or simple pastas. 


With its rugged golden edges, this variegated style of sage offers a milder flavour than the more common garden sage and offers a pretty and ornamental leaf that will add subtle spice to your favourite dishes – try a sprinkle in homemade pork sausage rolls. 


The younger leaves of this aromatic variety take on a deep purple hue before becoming a verdant green as they age. Perfect as a colourful garnish, this variety will also make a stunning addition to your kitchen garden as the flowers also bloom in a pretty bright purple.




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