how to: flatbread

‚ÄčThese soft and smoky homemade flatbreads are definitely worth the extra effort. Irresistible when served warm and fresh from the grill, simply add your favourite dips, salads and barbecued meats!

Sometimes making your own dough can seem a little daunting, but when I’ve got guests coming over for a barbecue at my house, homemade is so much better than store-bought! I use my go-to, no-fail recipe for flatbread, which is easier than you may think. Aside from a little proving time, this simple mix of flour, water, yeast, milk and a little salt and sugar makes the softest fresh flatbreads. Just toss on your char-grill pan or barbecue plate and serve with your sauciest grilled meats or flavoursome dips!

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tips + tricks

+ Flatbreads are delicious with hummus or tzatziki and a squeeze of lemon. They’re a great partner for barbecued meats and fish, too.
+ Keep the flatbreads warm and soft before serving by placing them between the folds of a clean tea towel.
+ Wrap any unused dough in plastic, refrigerate and use within 1 day. You can freeze cooked flatbreads in zip-lock bags, then defrost and reheat to serve.




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