donna hay - unzipped!

During the design process of my new kitchen I tried to consider elements that had wide and long-lasting impact on our health, productivity and the environment. One of the first things on my wish list was the super-stylish Zip HydroTap. This little genius with its classic style and streamlined shape fits seamlessly with the clean lines of my test kitchen and delivers boiling, chilled and lightly carbonated water in an instant!

Studio life
We have meetings, client events and LOTS of shoots with thirsty crews! That makes for a lot of shopping, chilling and mixing - not only does the Zip HydroTap save the planet it saves us time, and lots of it. A fantastic tool, that will help us achieve the dh studio goals: energy-efficient cooking, reduced waste, increased recycling, green cleaning and buying local.

The dh studio team love bubbles! But the excessive packaging waste from buying bottles of carbonated water is scary and doesn’t sit well with our move towards a “green kitchen”.  The Zip HydroTap delivers chilled, sparkling water at the push of a button – which means no more bottled water!

Team time
A hydrated team is a happy and productive team! As a ‘welcome to your new space’ gift I gave each team member a glass water bottle to keep on their desk, add a constant supply of cool filtered water from our new Zip HydroTap and you have an office full of hydrated happy people.

In the cooler months I love mixing up a lemon and ginger ‘brew’ for the team to keep us hydrated and our skin glowing! Saving on space and time, there’s no need to boil the kettle to make my herbal infusion… we’ve got boiling hot water at the press of a button thanks to the Zip HydroTap.




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