Christmas desserts

  • Looking elegant and masterful, these show-stopping desserts are specially designed to deliver a little magic to the finale of your special day.

  • Raspberry swirl pavlova wreath

    Impress your guests with this statement pavlova wreath - made extra-special with a dreamy raspberry swirl, fresh berries and a sprinkling of festive nuts.

  • Gingerbread sherry caramel trifle

    The layers of gingerbread cake are a perfect match for the sherry-based jelly and gorgeous swirls of dulce de leche, it’s the ultimate festive treat.

  • Red velvet cake marshmallow icing

    Dress up this classic with soft folds of marshmallow icing and plump berries for a striking crimson creation for your festive table.

  • Smoked almond pear and marsala christmas cake

    You'll know it's Christmas when the joyful scent of spice begins to waft through the house from this thoroughly modern classic baking in the oven.

  • Berry ice-cream slice

    All of my favourite summer berries are combined in this icy dessert, and the good news is... you don't need to make the ice-cream.

  • Spiced sticky date caramel and star-anise cakes

    This enchanting dessert is delicately spiced and topped with a decadent caramel to truly embrace the festive season.

  • Raspberry and chocolate frozen trifle

    With layers of chocolate cake, ganache, sweet sherry ice cream, raspberry sorbet and luscious meringue - this frozen trifle is perfect for a sunny Christmas feast.

  • Raspberry and eggnog bombe alaska

    Beneath the golden peaks of the showstopper cake hides a Christmas surprise. Layers of creamy eggnog ice-cream on top of a tart sorbet - simply stunning!

Make a statement with a dreamy dessert, destined to be the star of the show.




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