Our favourite: soups

  • our favourite soups

    It's soup season and these extra-flavourful bowls are both delicious and comforting. From nourishing green goodness to delicious creamy chicken and corn chowder - we've got you covered.

  • Herby lemon and quinoa chicken soup

    Nothing beats a comforting chicken soup... Except a comforting chicken soup that is delicious and packed with good-for-you ingredients!

  • Chickpea and broccoli soup with pecorino croutons

    Consider this chickpea and broccoli soup your new best friend - it delivers a huge dose of green goodness with the bonus of extra crunch thanks to tasty pecorino croutons.

  • Ham lentil and kale soup

    If you think soup can't be moreish, this recipe will make you reconsider. A ham, lentil and kale soup that's as cosy as your favourite sweater.

  • Roasted mushroom and brown butter soup

    We can't get enough of this rich and decadent soup - the perfect contender for cosy nights in. Simply delicious!

  • Creamy chicken and corn chowder

    The ultimate crowd-pleaser, this creamy chicken and corn chowder is food for the soul on a rainy day - consider it your new favourite.

  • Turkey meatball minestrone

    The base is a classic Italian-inspired vegetable soup but there's a twist! Hidden below are perfectly tender, turkey meatballs!

  • Potato vegetable and pappardelle soup

    Where pappardelle is involved, you can expect a dish that satisfies. This potato vegetable soup does just that, yet remains light and fresh.

  • Sweet potato curry soup with coriander oil

    Everyone needs a sweet potato soup in their repertoire and this sweet potato curry soup is perfect for nights where you need a vibrant pick-me-up.




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