27 May 2016

best ever: chocolate cakes

  • All-Time Favourite Chocolate Cakes

    The humble chocolate cake is adored by many, and for good reason. In this special collection, we’ve transformed this classic cake into something truly special with velvety layers, creamy chocolate ganache or a salty-sweet topping.

  • Milk chocolate popcorn cake

    Spoil the birthday boy or girl with this milk chocolate cake topped with a mountain of golden caramel popcorn.

  • dark chocolate pretzel chocolate cake

    My dark chocolate fudge-like cake is topped with salty pretzels – a decadent slice with a savoury finish.

  • Chocolate buttermilk layer cake

    Stacked as high as the sky, this four-layer sponge cake with lashings of chocolate frosting will impress at any party.

  • Beetroot chocolate loaf cake

    Sneak some veggies in! Grated beetroot keeps this loaf cake moist for an afternoon pick-me-up.

  • Chocolate mudcake

    Sometimes the best desserts are simple, and this indulgent chocolate mudcake won't disappoint.

  • Chocolate pound cake

    This luscious loaf is perfect for all occasions, from afternoon tea to an easy sunday baking session.

  • Flourless cacao cake

    One of our most iconic Fresh + Light desserts, this light-as-air mousse cake is gluten-free and uses no refined white sugar, so you can feel good about having that second slice!

  • Lamington slice cake

    An easy tray-bake that the kids can help with, this simple lamington slice cake is perfect for picnics or parties.

  • little molten mud cakes

    Warm, sweet and slightly gooey in the middle, these molten mud cakes are a decadent treat for chilly winter evenings.

  • Chocolate meringue cake

    This is my ultimate go-to chocolate cake: a chocolate meringue topping that's just slightly crispy, with a fudgey, indulgent base. Yum!

19 May 2016

easy weeknights: tray-baked chicken

‚ÄčThis tray-baked chicken is my answer to feeding a crowd on busy weeknights. Placing everything all in one tray means your ingredients will beautifully intermingle while they cook to perfection, plus no excess clean-up!

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18 May 2016

cooking with… chorizo

  • Favourite Ingredient: Chorizo

    Vibrant in shades of rich reds and kicking with smoky spice, chorizo is no wallflower pork sausage. In our winter issue of donna hay magazine, we use its signature sizzle in a variety of dishes sure to impress – here are our top picks.

  • smoky chorizo, haloumi and spinach breakfast waffles

    Start the day with this amazing breakfast waffle sandwich, with spicy chorizo, salty haloumi and a gooey fried egg.

  • chorizo meatball, ricotta and oregano lasagne

    This one-pan lasagne is ultimate comfort food, fragrant with the earthy aroma of fresh oregano.

  • chorizo bolognese with buffalo mozzarella

    One of our all-time favourite pasta dishes, we've used smoky chorizo meat and creamy buffalo mozzarella to spice up a traditional bolognese.

  • tomato, basil, olive and chorizo tarts

    Quick, easy and full of flavour, these chorizo tarts make a perfect appetiser at dinner parties or picnics.

  • chorizo and prawn skewers with piri piri sauce

    A great idea for summer barbecues, this prawn and chorizo combo is taken to another level with fiery piri piri sauce.

  • chorizo and bean nachos

    Settle in for a night on the couch with our chorizo and bean nachos.

  • chorizo pan lasagne

    A one-pan dinner that's perfect for weeknight meals, this chorizo pan lasagne is sure to be a hit with the family.

  • chickpea and chorizo pot pies

    Super fast and perfect for individual guests, these little chickpea and chorizo pot pies are so easy to make.

  • tomato, chorizo and goat's curd frittata

    You can add any cheese you like to this simple chorizo frittata, I like the tang of fresh goat's curd.

  • oven-roasted chorizo with pedro ximénez

    This recipe is from the winter issue #87 of donna hay magazine, and makes the most of flavoursome chorizo in this simple tray bake to feed a crowd!




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