30 November 2016

How to: easy passionfruit tart

​This fresh and flavourful dessert is an instant crowd-pleaser and ideal for sunny days.

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30 November 2016

Donna Hay warehouse sale

​Come down to our Sydney warehouse this weekend where you can get up to 50% off selected products. They’ll make the perfect gifts for your loved ones – or for yourself!

Can’t make it to the sale? Head to the donna hay general store online and enter code ‘christmas’ at the checkout to receive 20% off!

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17 November 2016

Best ever: Christmas sides

  • best ever christmas sides

    ​A good Christmas roast is nothing without its talented support act. So here's a little side-dish inspiration to help you create the most magical and delicious festive feast.

  • Prosciutto-wrapped baby carrots

    We're not the only ones dressing up this Christmas! These prosciutto-wrapped baby carrots will win 'best dressed' in the delicious category.

  • Roasted duck fat tarragon potatoes

    The secret to getting your roast potatoes to that perfect level of crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside? Duck fat. You won't be disappointed!

  • Baby asparagus with garlic oregano crumbs

    Add a little freshness to your festive table with tender, juicy baby asparagus, coupled with a crispy crumb. Perfection!

  • Thyme and champagne-roasted parsnips

    A splash of champagne and a sprinkling of brown sugar gives these tender thyme and champagne-roasted parsnips a caramelised flavour.

  • Crispy leaf potatoes with oregano salt

    You might have to fight over who gets the fist serving of these marvelously crispy and perfectly seasoned potatoes. It'll be a firm family favourite!

  • Green beans with almonds, oregano and lemon

    Simplicity is the secret to this wonderful side. A little butter, oregano, lemon and almonds take green beans to a whole new level of tasty!

  • Chia and sesame pumpkin with ginger-honey glaze

    Give your pumpkin a little Fresh + Light twist this year with a ginger and honey glaze. So yum!

  • Tray-baked tomato onion and currant relish

    The wonderfully harmonious balance of tomato, onion and currant flavours makes this relish the perfect accompaniment to ham or turkey.

12 November 2016


Add a zesty tang to your favourite desserts with homemade lemon curd. This simple recipe is perfect on ice-cream, cakes or swirled through a vanilla cream to top a crispy meringue.

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08 November 2016


  • Best-ever Christmas cocktails

    Raise a glass and bring on the Christmas cheer with our fine selection of zesty, fruity and bubbly festive cocktails. Click on each pic for the delicious recipes.

  • White peach and elderflower cooler

    An all-round crowd-pleaser, a jug of this deliciously fun and fruity white peach and elderflower cooler will surely get the festive celebrations going in full swing.

  • Watermelon and mint cooler

    Sweet, juicy watermelon is the perfect summer fruit for cocktails and pairs perfectly with champagne or sparkling wine.

  • The A-Lister

    The harmonious blend of tropical coconut, zesty lime and fresh mint makes this Christmas concoction an instant refresher.

  • Pomegranate and blood orange punch

    Pomegranates can be a little tricky. To loosen the seeds, roll the pomegranate on a bench, cut in half and scrape the seeds into a bowl. Cheers to that!

  • The rum hipster

    No travel plans over Christmas? No worries! One sip of this ginger, coconut and lime-infused drink will transport your senses to a tropical haven.

  • Rose and blackcurrant champagne

    Blood red and oh-so-sweet blackcurrant is making a comeback. Paired with champagne and a sprinkle of rose petals, you'll fall in love with its magical charm.

  • Lychee and vanilla martini

    Shaken or stirred, this delightful martini is Donna's specialty cocktail. She uses deliciously pretty lychee ice cubes to guarantee the flavour stays strong!

  • Pomegranate and ginger fizz

    A celebration wouldn't be right without bubbles! Keep the smiles wide and spirits high with a generous topping of champagne with your pomegranate and ginger-filled flutes.

Whether you fancy a fruity punch or a smooth martini our favourite elegant cocktails will add a bit of spritz and sparkle to your festive gathering! 

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01 November 2016

Donna’s tips: for Christmas bliss

I adore Christmas. I love having everyone over to my place which usually involves a mix of classic and traditional dishes, as well as drinks to start, and of course, something spectacular for dessert. Try not to let cooking for a large number of people stress you out – there are plenty of things you can do in advance to help make the occasion as simple as possible, but one which will still be impressive and memorable. 

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