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Our classic flavours include:
Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Cookie, Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Vegan Choc Chunk Tahini Cookie and Raspberry White Chocolate Cookie.
Variety selection boxes:
Taste your way through the menu with our Classic Mixed Box 

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I’m now adding a little touch of sweetness to your day. I’ve always believed in the mood-sweetening power of cookies, which is why I’ve created Baked by donna hay – my small-batch, made-from-scratch, crisp-on-the-outside, fudgy-in-the-centre creations that are (sorry to say!) the most addictive cookies in town. You’ve never met a cookie like this before!

Some of you have been lovingly buying my books for many years, so I thought it was my turn to treat you with a made-with-love morsel of deliciousness this time.

I believe it’s a universal fact that cookies should be eaten fresh from the oven, which is why you can order Baked by donna hay via Uber Eats and enjoy them at their fudgiest best – you’ll smell them arrive before the doorbell rings!

Like all my creations, Baked by donna hay is made with only the best ingredients ­– the finest couverture chocolate and the fudgiest caramel fudge. Choose from single flavours, the OG mixed box filled with all of the crowd-pleasers, or the special guest stars – a mixed box of limited time flavours that might include raspberry white chocolate or chocolate salted caramel.

Good things start in small batches, but we hope to expand very soon and spread the fudgy deliciousness further.



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View the cookie allergens and all the frequently asked questions below

Cookie flavours and allergens:

Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookie (box of 3 or 6)
This cookie is loaded with dark choc chunks, crisp edges and a fudgy centre. We believe this is the ultimate version of the classic choc chunk cookie.
Contains: nuts, dairy, gluten and egg

Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie (box of 3 or 6)
Our version of the classic cookie with the added sweetness of creamy milk chocolate chunks. A little bite of sweet heaven.
Contains: dairy, gluten and eggMay contain: nuts

Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Cookie (box of 3 or 6)
A truly amazing cookie loaded with white chocolate chunks, a creamy caramel fudge centre and topped with light sprinkle of flaky sea salt. This is the cookie of your dreams.
Contains: nuts, dairy, gluten and egg

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies (box of 3 or 6)
Fudgy brownie-like dark chocolate cookie with milk and white chocolate chunks. Because there is no such thing as too much chocolate!
Contains: dairy, gluten and egg
May contain: nuts

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (box of 3 or 6)
Fudgy peanut butter cookie loaded with dark chocolate chunks. This classic combo is packed with nutty choc deliciousness. Warning…seriously addictive!
Contains: nuts, dairy, gluten and egg

Vegan Choc Chunk Tahini Cookie (box of 3 or 6)
The most deliciously morish chocolate chunk vegan cookie made with a base of nutty tahini and maple syrup, with a crispy demerara sugar crust.
Contains: gluten and sesame
May contain: nuts

Raspberry White Chocolate Cookie (box of 3 or 6)
Vanilla cookie loaded with raspberries & chunks of white chocolate. Tangy bursts of raspberry with sweet smooth white chocolate. You’ve never met a cookie like this before.
Contains: dairy, gluten and egg
May contain: nuts

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Still have some questions, find some answers in our frequently asked questions below:

Delivery & pick up
At this stage, we’re only offering delivery (no pick up yet) on the same day of ordering, between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday – Friday. For corporate or bulk orders email us

Can I visit the bakery?
Unfortunately not, as we are an online only shop (no cute signboard and awning yet, but you’ll be the first to know if we do!).

Where are the cookies made?
They’re made out of the donna hay HQ in Sydney – where all the magic happens.

What is Baked by donna hay?
Baked by donna hay is a made-from-scratch online cookie shop by bestselling cookbook author and food editor Donna Hay, made using what we think are the best ingredients, and delivering fresh to the inner city and eastern suburbs of Sydney via Uber Eats.

What are your flavours
Our cookie flavours are currently chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, triple chocolate chip and white chocolate chip. We will also have rotating special guest flavours each week, including (but not limited to) peanut butter chocolate chip, raspberry white chocolate and lemon and blueberry. Keep an eye out on our socials or sign up to our e-newsletter for updates on these.

Is there a vegan option?
Not yet, but we’re currently testing vegan recipes! Stay tuned for some plant-based deliciousness soon.

Are the cookies gluten free?
Unfortunately not, but never say never!

Why are there nuts in the cookies?
After many hours of testing, we discovered that nothing imparts the same chewy, fudgy, crispy-edged texture as almond meal (ground almonds). We also love the subtle sweetness and nuttiness that almond meal brings to the dough.

What are the allergens?
Nuts, gluten, dairy and eggs.

How long do they stay fresh?
The cookies are baked fresh to order, so we recommend eating them on the day of arrival. You can also store them for up to three days in an airtight container for up to three days in a cool place. To give them a fudgy boost (or to enjoy them warm), place cookies on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper and bake in an oven preheated to 180°C for two minutes or microwave on high for 10 seconds.

If I can’t eat them all in one day, how do I store them?
Cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to three days in a cool place.

Can I buy just 1 cookie?
No, the minimum cookie order is currently three or six. But on the plus side, you can order as many batches of three or six as you like!

How do I place an order?
You will need to download the Uber Eats app. From there, you can search for Baked by donna hay and start ordering. For bulk or corporate orders email us –

How much is a cookie?
$22.5 for a box of 3
$45 for a box of 6.

How can I make a big order of cookies?
For large or corporate orders, email

How much is delivery?
Uber Eats charges a flat-free for delivery, depending on your location. Check your app for more details.

What are the delivery timings?
Between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday – Friday or until sold out.

Do you write gift cards with delivery?
Not at this stage. dh currently has her hands busy rolling dough!

Can I change my order?
No, sorry, as we are a small team and aren’t able to take changes. You’ll just have to try that other flavour you were eying off next time!

I have an issue with my order?
Simply open your Uber Eats app, navigate to your account on the bottom right hand corner and select help. You can then access a variety of options from this panel. 

Can I pre-order?
Yes – for advance orders, email

Where do you deliver?
Good things start in small batches, which is why we are currently only delivering to select parts of the inner city and eastern suburbs of Sydney, with hopes of expanding and spreading the deliciousness soon.

I can see you on Uber Eats, why?
Baked by donna hay, our new made-from-scratch online cookie shop, is available to order via the Uber Eats platform.

Will you be baking other treats besides cookies in the future?
We are loyal to the cookie for now! We think they’re the perfect, portable, handheld, sweet treat. Stay tuned as the world of dh is always changing and sweetly evolving.




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