Donna’s travel essentials

Those who’ve travelled for work, or at a less-than-leisurely pace, will know the difference a thoughtfully packed carry-on case can make on a flight. In collaboration with Estee Lauder, we take a look at what Donna takes travelling, and share her tips for perfecting the art of in-flight packing. 

Noise-cancelling headphones:
If you intend to get any peace while in the air, whether it’s to work or sleep, a set of noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver.

High-performance skincare:
When you have to hit the ground running, skincare that delivers rapid results are a must. I love the idea of using flight time to pamper my skin, so my travel kit always features some of my most trusted skincare essentials – like the new Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro serum and my much-loved Advanced Night Repair serum (I love the result I get from layering the two products). Then there’s my secret weapon: Advanced Night Repair under-eye masks, ideal for reducing any jet-lagged puffiness. The individual packs are just perfect for carry-on bags.     

Hydrating beverages:

While on board a flight, I tend to choose water or peppermint tea over any drinks that might contribute to dehydration. I often need to be on camera soon after a flight, so landing fresh-faced (and, if possible, well rested) is important.

An eye mask:

In-flight lighting can make it difficult to get any rest on long-haul trips. I always pack my favourite eye mask for an overnight flight.

Cosy socks:
I’m seriously addicted to my heels – yes, even when I fly! But, on the flip side, I always stash a pair of super-soft cashmere socks in my carry-on. Once we’re in the air, I slip off my stilettos and treat my toes to a little luxury.




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