Cooking with… blueberries

  • Cooking with blueberries

    Spread the love of these nutritional superstars by adding them to sweets and treats. Click the image to reveal each recipe.

  • Puffed quinoa blueberry bars with yoghurt drizzle

    Blueberries team up with quinoa, oats and chia seeds to deliver a power-packed better-for-you punch in a seriously tasty bar.

  • Lemon almond and blueberry tart

    Paper thin pastry gives way to a luxurious and tangy curd and creamy almond filling. Simply add a generous sprinkle of fresh berries to finish!

  • Blueberry and thyme tart

    Loaded with the blueberries signature colour and abundance of goodness, this freeform tart is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

  • Coconut and blueberry overnight oats

    Start your day with a veritable powerhouse of goodness! Coconut, oats and perfectly plump berries - naturally delicious!

  • Buckwheat and quinoa blueberry muffins

    Lunchbox alert ahead! Switch up your usual muffin offering with these better-for-you buckwheat, quinoa and blueberry muffins.

  • Blueberry and lemon cake woth yoghurt icing

    The classic flavour combination of zesty lemon and blueberry springs to life in this vibrant cake. Fresh, zingy and delicious!

  • Almond and blueberry smoothie

    For breakfast on the run or a refreshing snack this smoothie boasts a healthy medley of almonds, dates and blueberries. Too good!

  • Blueberry and coconut scones

    The addition of wholemeal flour gives these scones a healthier, nuttier flavour and the fresh and dried blueberries deliver bursts of juicy goodness.

  • Banana and berry tray cake

    Everyone's favourite... the banana cake springs to life with the addition of some of our favourite berries in a simple tray bake.

Obviously it would be wrong to declare a favourite berry, but… if it were a competition, blueberries, loaded with feel-great antioxidants would be tough to beat!  




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