weekend baker: sticky cinnamon buns

Whether you call them cinnamon scrolls or sticky buns, this pull-apart treat is a favourite treat the world over. They’re surprisingly easy to make and the end results are seriously delicious.

These sweet and deliciously sticky buns make the ultimate weekend baking project. I like a classic sticky bun, so I’ve filled mine with toasted pecans and cinnamon butter, but you could also try chocolate ganache, peanut butter or spiced currants. Just give the dough enough time to rise and you’ll be rewarded with a fluffy and golden, pull-apart treat.

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tips + tricks

+ To make it easier to work with this soft and sticky dough, roll it out between two sheets of non-stick baking paper.

+ To roll up the dough, use the long edge of the bottom sheet of baking paper and use it to roll the dough to enclose the filling and make the scroll. Trim the edges to make your scroll nice and neat.

+ You need to cut the scroll into 12 even pieces, I like to use a ruler to make sure each portion is even.

+ By pouring the glaze in the bottom of your baking tin before adding the buns, you’ll ensure they get perfectly golden and caramelised. Once you turn out the scrolls they will be perfectly glazed.

+ I like to prove my dough twice, first when I’ve just finished kneading and then again once the scrolls are in place in the pan. This makes sure the buns become light and fluffy.

+ Place the tin on a tray while baking to prevent any glaze from spilling into the oven and making a mess.

Click to watch a video of me making cinnamon buns




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